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3rd Infantry Division

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1st Battalion, 15th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division

I served in the 1st Battalion, 15th Regiment, 3rd Division, B Company, DMC Chorwon Valley of the Army in 1953-54. I am looking for a few buddies of mine named Hamp Hammonds, Sgt. Silvers, Billy Mullins and another with the last name Grant. Grant was from California.  Each one served with me during the time in Korea I listed above. If you could help me locate any of these people I would greatly appreciate it.

Contact: Bobbie Madewell, 1977 Greenfield Dr, Middletown, Ohio 45044; phone 513-267-9417; email jmcmullen3@cinci.rr.com.

[Posted 1/13/09]



HQ Co., 65th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, I&R Platoon

I am helping my dad search for buddies from his I&R platoon.  He was attached to HQ Co., 65th Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division from February 1953 through the armistice, and remained in Korea until May or June 1954.  His name is Al Shuler, and he was from Chicago at that time.  He thinks a few platoon members were from Binghamton, NY, but can't remember names.

Contact: Kris Shuler Wilson, krisanddan@comcast.net.

3rd AAA AW BN SP, 3rd Division

Cpl. John Revezzo is looking for the following Korean War buddies:

  • James Nonan, TX;
  • Joe Soarace from New York (half track driver in South Korea);
  • Bloom (not sure of first name or where he was from) (half track driver in N. Korea);
  • Richard Bader, Philadelphia, PA;
  • Harry Butte from MD; Bobby Howell from Iowa;
  • Strajewski (not sure of spelling), AKA "The Pollock" from Chicago;
  • Bryant from Vermont; and
  • Gerald Duggas from Quincy, MA.

The name on the side of Revezzo's half track was "Mule Train".

Contact: John Revezzo at RvzoPHFruitFarm@webtv.net.

3rd Signal Company, 3rd Division

We have a reunion group made up of former members of the 3rd Signal Company of the Third Infantry Division.  We publish a newsletter three or four times a year and hold a reunion once a year.  Our group all had wartime service in the company, i.e., we served either during 1942/45 or 1950/54 or both.

The WWII group were all listed in the Division history for WWII and one of the members searched for and located almost all of them about 50 years ago.  The survivors are members of our group.  We are not looking for any WWII people.

Korea was a different story. The division history does not list rosters.  There were many more who served in the company in Korea because of the rotation system that was in effect.  Nominal time in the company was one year although some served longer and some less.  By searching practically illegible morning reports, old orders, people's memories and old photo captions, we have a list of over 700 names.

If we have contacted a person and confirmed they were in the company in that time period and have their address and phone, they are listed as active.  If they are confirmed deceased, they are so listed.  If we have contacted persons with the same name but they are not ours, we list the city they are from so we do not bother them again as our search continues.  That is shown on the list as "not XXXX."  Some names are annotated with dates and sections.  For instance "12/51 mess" would indicate that person worked in the kitchen in December 1951 (that type info comes from old orders).

In a few cases, I can come up with serial numbers if that is helpful.  I have not found them to be helpful the way I search by internet and phone.  Even the old system of identification of Corps areas in the S/N's didn't help.  SSN's would be helpful but not available to me.

Who am I?  I was the company commander in 1950/51 and my name is spelled Elwin, not Alvin as entered in the Division history.  Most of the officers that served with me stayed in the Army until retirement.  I retired in 1968.

Contact information:  Elwin A. Vernon, Col, USA Ret., 3515 T Avenue, Anacortes, WA 98221
ph. 360-293-9618.

HDQ HDQ Army 3rd Division, Arty Wire

I would like to find some of my buddies.  Do not have full name of some of them.  I served in Korea from April 1953 until October of 1954.  My name was Sgt. W. E. Skipper, nicknamed Skip.  I was from Pennsylvania.  We were few in number and we were attached to the Headquarters Battery Wire Section.  There were two ROK soldiers helping us, Kim Duc Sou and Kim Cjang Ghe.  We were close knit and only knew nicknames.  There was a Sgt. Anger from either Michigan or Wisconsin.  There was also one named Gabby.  Any info will be appreciated.

Contact: W. E. Skipper at gospelhour@fayelectric.com.



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