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64th Heavy Tank Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division

My dad, Captain Daniel P. Juraschek from Texas, is no longer able to communicate well with his children about his experiences in Korea, and we cannot locate records of his activities except that we know that his unit was among the first Americans to cross the 38th parallel.  He was a Captain with the Army's 64th Heavy Tank Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division, in the early 1950s.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served with my dad in Korea.  These men were real heroes!

Contact: David Juraschek at davejesc@comcast.net.

64th Tank Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division

Looking for buddies from my company (Co. A, 3rd Platoon) from July 1953.  Looking for Brown, Dotson, Gwaltney, Hubbert, or anyone that was on the mission in which we earned the Presidential Unit Citation, 13th to 20th of July just before the peace agreement was signed.  I was on Tank No. 33.  Sorry! We only knew last names, and there were so many. My very best buddy on my tank was J. M. Brown, my driver, said he never had a name. From Texas.

Contact: J. R. Rabourn - rabourn1932@aol.com.



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