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7th Infantry Division

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7th Infantry Division, 31st Field Artillery, B Battery

Herbert (Hub) Degen is searching for the following motor pool buddies from 1951-52:

  • Joe Scala from New York
  • Joe Long from Pontotac, MS
  • Dempsey Kennedy from Moultrie, GA
  • Bernie P. Jones from Glennville, GA

If anyone knows the whereabouts of these people, let Wendy Howe know at aandwpowersports@hcinet.net.

[Posted 1/04/2011]

7th Infantry Division, Battery B, 31st FAB

My name is Otto Autenrieth, Jr.  I was with this group in Korea.  We had two 90mm anti-tank guns and used them to bust the North Korean bunkers so the infantry could advance up the hills.  This was during the 1951-52 campaign.  I am interested in finding others in our gun crews.

Contact: grandma-carol@worldnet.att.net.

1st Battalion, 31st Regiment, 7th Division

Is there anyone out there who might remember me in Korea at Inchon, Wonsan, Chosin Reservoir?  I'd sure like to know that some of my buddies made it out of that frozen hellhole.

I've been looking through every web site I can find--no luck yet, but I'm going to keep trying.

I am Smart, John A., Pvt2, 1st Battalion, 31st Regiment, 7th Infantry Division.  I was in a machine gun squad with Billy Fanning and Bob Facteau (that's the only names that come to mind at the present time).

Contact: smaj18@juno.com.

Machine Gun Squad F/3/31/7

I have an obsession to find out what I can about my guys in the machine gun squad that I left in Korea in April 1950.  They're all special, all nine of them.  They are:

  • Lt. (first name unknown) McGuire, Platoon leader;
  • M/Sgt (first name unknown) Schneider, Platoon Sergeant;
  • S/Sgt (first name unknown) Faye, Assistant Platoon Sergeant;
  • Corporals Bill Bailey and Bob Facteau; and
  • Pfc/Privates Billy Fanning, Ronnie Beckman, Sylvester Helding, and George Perry.

I have been going through all the KIA/MIA/WIA/POW files that I can find and I've only come up with one out of nine names to date.

Contact: John A. Smart Sr. through the Korean War Educator.

7th Division, 57th FABN, C Battery

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my Dad in Korea. His name is Charles Royster, goes by CB, and may have been known as VA Kid. He was there from 6/51 - 6/52 with 7th Division, 57th FABN, C Battery.

Contact: Donna Royster at dlroyster@msn.com



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