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Company A, 70th Tank Battalion, 5th Regiment

Looking for persons who were in Korea between July 1951 to December 1953, especially in Company A, 70th Tank Battalion, 5th Regiment.  The only names that I can remember are Nikehart and Kilgore.  Also Richard Lovell and Lt. Anderson.

Send replies to southerntalllady@aol.com.

Company A, 76th Construction Engineer Battalion

I am looking for information about this battalion for my father.  He is wanting to find information regarding the citations/Presidential citation, etc., that the unit was awarded during 1950-51.  Any direction at all would be wonderful.

Contact: Monica Sekscinski, daughter of Victor Sekscinski, Sr., veteran of Korea and Vietnam.
E-mail pepperpot68@sbcglobal.net.

A Company, 120th Combat Engineers

My name is Al Friedman, NSO for AVO.  We are working on a Purple Heart for a Massachusetts veteran who served with A company 120th combat engineers who supported the 179/45th. We have to know what went on in the Hongchon area between 19 and 21 Sept. 1952.

Contact: Al Friedman, bigalf47@cox.net.

[Posted 10/12/05]


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