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2,500 Lost Engineers

I'm looking for any list you have of military people from the Korean War from 1958, 24th Corps to I Corps and 9th Corps, 11th Engineers and 240 Engineers and 6th Engineers.  Looking for 2500 lost engineers.  Some names I am trying to find:

  • Latimer, Clarence C. (Major, 11th Eng. HQ 1953-54)
  • Sam Luray
  • Paul A. Chapman
  • James R. Abell
  • Norman R. Alderman
  • Edward T. Askey
  • Edwin W. Atkins
  • Robert L. Borghese
  • Francis T. Conway
  • Franklin J. Rzepeckty
  • Richard A. Grover
  • Leo B. Freeman
  • Joseph Followay
  • Howard Koenigseker
  • Toby R. Engel
  • John A. Petkus Jr.
  • Grant A. Powell
  • Dale R. Sobotka
  • Jack H. Smith
  • Charles H. Maynor
  • Duffy
  • Bonnie
  • Robert E. and James R. Woolf
  • Kittridge, Andrew M.

Contact: Tom McGee (Korea 1948 and Japan 1948 to April 1950).  E-mail: pradomcs@earthlink.net.  Ph. 810-694-0869.

3d Engr C Battalion, H & S Company, 49-51 Japan & Korea

Searching for the following fellows from H/S Co 3d Engr C Bn. 49-51 Japan & Korea: WoJG Lorin Keyes, John Church, Leroy Betts, Harold Rollet, John Hanson.

Contact Bill Boyden hs3ecb@verizon.net.

[Posted 10/25/06]

10th Engineers (C) Battalion, Headquarters & Headquarters Company

Please advise if you can advise me what citations, campaigns, ribbons and or decorations that the 10th Engineer (C) Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, may have been awarded during the period of December 1952 to December 1953 while serving in Korea. I served in this company during this period and was released from active duty in January 1954 and transferred to the Reserves and do not know all the decorations that I would be authorized to wear.  If you cannot advise me, please advise if you can tell me whom I can contact to obtain this information. Thank you very much.

Richard Polley, e-mail address richardpolley@bluefrog.com.

[Posted 3/16/06]

14th Combat Engineers, 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad

Searching for the following members of the 14th Combat Engineers, third platoon, first squad:

  • Jose A. Berano--RA30117977 (Hawaii)
  • Sanford Coffee--US55058677 (state unknown)
  • Robert W. Cummins--US55056151 (state unknown)
  • Derald A. Dow--RA16267789 (state unknown)
  • Russell M. Hisle--US55056077 (Kansas City, MO)
  • Thomas E. Ratliff - RA24428627 (North Carolina)
  • Donald J. Smith - RA14357890 (Florida)
  • Floyd E. Wigton - US55055794 (state unknown)
  • Robert K. Buttner - US52103766 (state unknown)
  • Hubert Carrington - US53009249 (state unknown)
  • Howard R. Cheatham - US53074345 (state unknown)
  • Richard Furgiuele - US56142823 (Illinois)
  • Donald T. Hawkins - US56146336 (California)
  • Leroy Trimble - US551818044 (state unknown)

All these men served in Korea between June, 1951 and March, 1952. I have found Claude Creger and Dennis Wyatt who also served at the same time in the third platoon first squad of 14th engineers.

My name is Bob Troupe and I live at 948 White Cloud Drive, Morgan Hill, CA 95037. My phone number is 408-782-1939. My e-mail address is ftroupe@iopener.net.

44th Engineer Battalion

Searching for the unit history (with dates and places and such) of the 44th Engineer Battalion.  I am trying to get a better sense of where my father was and what he went through during the Korean War.

Contact: Patrick Lehnherr.  E-mail plehnherr@mchsi.com.

65th Engineers, Company A, "Tropical Lightning"

My father, Sgt. Robert D. Mecomber, was part of the 65th Engineers, Co. A, "Tropical Lightning" from 1953 to 1954.  He would love to talk with anyone who was part of that company.  He doesn't use the computer so anyone who is interested can contact me at this e-mail address and I'll pass along his address and phone.

Contact: John McLaughlin at johnrobin1977@bellsouth.net.

[Posted 3/07/2010]

76th Construction Engineer Battalion, Company A

I am looking for information about this battalion for my father.  He is wanting to find information regarding the citations/Presidential citation, etc., that the unit was awarded during 1950-51.  Any direction at all would be wonderful.

Contact: Monica Sekscinski, daughter of Victor Sekscinski, Sr., veteran of Korea and Vietnam.  E-mail pepperpot68@sbcglobal.net.

333rd Eng. Pipeline Company, Guam

My father, Earl Kelling, needs a Buddy Affidavit for a V.A. claim. He served in Guam during the late 1940s and the early 1950s.  He was at Marbo Base and he was with the 333rd Eng. Pipeline Company.  One of his main duties was to maintain a gas pipeline that ran from Marbo to Andersen Air Base.  Guam is a tropical climate and there is a lot of vegetation.  They used machetes and Sodium Arsenite to clear the growth around the pipeline.  He was also exposed to gasoline, which at that time was full of lead.  Sodium Arsenite is at least 3 times more deadly than Agent Orange.  This doesn't even bring in to account that latrines and sleeping quarters were sprayed with DDT and other pesticides. 

My Dad now has Parkinson's Disease and it seems he may have other health issues cropping up.  He has filed medical claims with the V.A.  They keep denying and asking for more information.  One of the things he needs is a Buddy Affidavit to get eye witness accounts of what his duties were.  Some of the names Dad remembers are:

Corp. Billy Choate
Lt. Edward Soniat [FOUND by the KWE.  He is living in Greenville, SC.]
Don Jacques
Gary Nelson
Andy Andrews (from Bath, NY)

If anyone can help, please contact me at pcserve@cheqnet.net.  Please put 333rd Eng. Pipeline in the subject line of the e-mail message. - Carol Anderson

[Posted 8/27/05]

959th Engineer (Dump Truck) Company

[KWE Note: According to Bill Berebitsky, an authoritative figure on the subject of the National Guard in Korea, the 959th did not go to Korea.  Mr. Smith's health has deteriorated so much, it is not possible to verify if the 959th was his correct unit.  For instance, there was a 595th Engineer Company on Okinawa in late 1951.  Perhaps Smith has the figures transposed.  If anyone can help the Bass family help Mr. Smith, please contact them.]

I am an old WWII B-26 pilot who flew 35 missions over Germany.  I am trying to help a very sick Korean veteran, Raymond Smith (could be Raymond E. Smith), establish records that he served in the 959th Engineer Company (Dump Truck) in Korea. It is my understanding that the 959th was a US Army National Guard Company. His records in his own personal file burned when his home in Poplar Grove, AR was totally destroyed by fire.

Raymond Smith's Service # is 25411838 and his SSN is 430 48 3539. According to this veteran's memory he arrived in Korea in 1951 as a member of the 959th Engineer Company. He is seriously ill. He has tried to get treatment at the VA hospital in Memphis TN and in Little Rock AR but until he can get his DD214 he cannot get a VA Card.

Can you please give us any help in establishing that this old veteran of the Army, with service from Dec 1949 to 3 Oct 1952 and Army National Guard Service to 2 May 1956 so that he can receive VA medical treatment? Please advise immediately. Many thanks.

Contact: Lt. Col. Earl J. Bass, Box 22 , Marvell AR 72366,
email: bass1@centurytel.net; ph. 870-829-2477.

[Posted 11/15/04]



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