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40th Infantry Division - Medical Company

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223 Medical Company

I am just checking to see if I can find any buddies that I was in Korea with when I was there in 1952-53.  I was with the 40th Division, 223 Medical Company.  I seemed to hook up with all the hillbillies.  I'm from northern Maine.  There was a Branch Tryee, a hillbillie that didn't need a mike.  His mouth was big enough.  But a nice guy.  We played cards and went to eat.  When we came back the money was still there.  I don't think you could do that at home.  When I was ready to come home from there it was like leaving home.  You live with someone for a year and you become best friends, but are glad to get home.  Love to get someone.

Contact: Edwin Sherman, mredkiss@verizon.net.

[Posted 1/21/07]


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