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24th Detached 6 Medium Tank

Recently 2-23-10 My Father passed away from a massive stroke. He was 83 and a veteran of World War II and Korea. I was hoping to find or contact anyone who may have known him. He was part of Task Force Crombez. I believe he was a tank gunner. He was in the 9th tank in the column. My Uncle was also in the Crombez armored column (James Mallette) also deceased, was in the 8th tank. He became my uncle as he became my father's friend and married my aunt when they returned from the war. All I know at this time is that my father was in the 24th detached 6 medium tank (?) and became part of the Crombez task force. I am about to receive several medals (one I believe is a presidential citation from Task Force Crombez?) and would like to try to identify some of them. I remember my father talked for years of how cold it was there. He came home to raise 7 children and is survived by 13 grandchildren and 7 great grand children. My sisters and I would love to find a surviving veteran that knew him.

It is sad that so many Korean vets are passing away and that so little has been known of this war. Most of those men came home and proceeded to build the best middle class society in modern history here in America. I am proud to have had a father that was a part of history.

Contact: Mark J Morrison, 1001 Crimson Cloud Court, Mount Airy, MD 21771.  Ph. 301-829-7777-h; 410-259-7021-c.

[Posted 2/25/10]

73rd Heavy Tank Battalion

Our father, Col. Eugene G. Lesney from Michigan (now deceased - California) was a corporal (infantry, US Army Reserve) who was temporarily assigned to the 73D Heavy Tank Battalion from I Corps Headquarters in 1951. Should you or anyone you might know from this unit be familiar with his name, please forward my email address as I would like to either know more about these units from that period or perhaps, any information regarding my father.

This inquiry follows the recent discovery of our father's silver star medel award letter while assigned with the 73d HT Battalion.

Contact: His daughter Karen at email: kelesney@sbcglobal.net.

[Posted 11/13/08]

77th Tank Company

The father of Alvin A. Clouse is searching for these men from the 77th Tank Co:

  • Albert E. Keys, CA
  • Harold Delmar, NY
  • Harris R. Stearns, NY
  • Carl M. Anderson, IA
  • Van B. Elmore, NM
  • Francis A. Hober, PA
  • Victor Littlefield, NM
  • Robert E. Simpson, MA
  • Joseph L. Mistretta, MA
  • Bryant E.W. Shrader, KY
  • James A. Miller, MO

All of these names, with the exception of Mr. Miller, are listed in the Korean War Project as wounded in action and were with the 77th Tank Co. Mr. Miller was with the 32nd Tank Co. He was on the same tank as Alvin's father. Mr. Mistretta was taken POW and was also a survivor of the Sunchon Massacre. He was one of 21 who survived. Alvin's father has several of the serial numbers of these veterans.

If anyone can help Mr. Clouse, contact daddo@citilink.net.

224th Tanks, 40th Infantry Division

I would like information on what happened to Lieutenant Grant (possibly Hugh). He was in the 40th Division's 224th Infantry as a Tank Company platoon leader 1952-53.

Contact:  BobnJoyce@att.net.

[Posted 3/10/10]

Tank Company Buddies

I am looking for:

  • William C. Hearne Jr. RA18267635;
  • Carl F. Hilstrom RA27635731 [KWE found that he died some five years ago.  His son lives in Minneapolis, MN);
  • George H. Holtgrewe RA17277870;
  • William R. Hughes RA19358268; and
  • John A. Lewis RA17278372.

Contact: Richard Johannes, 1205 Baldwin Ave., Lawton, OK 73507; ph. 580-355-9718.



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