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Kirkpatric(k), Corpsman

Kirkpatric was with Howe Battery, 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines, 1st Marine Division from about January of 1952 until the 23rd of June 1952. I was wounded at 9:55 p.m. on the 24th.  Our battery was hit hard.  The next Russian artillery shell killed my good friend Dietrick on gun one. Kirkpatric was taken back about 10 miles, given a few weeks of rest. When he heard on a short-wave radio that Howe Battery was being hit hard, he grabbed his bag and started running to his jeep.  His officer yelled at him and said, "Where in the hell are you going?"  When he told him, the officer said, "We've got a corpsman up there."  Kirkpatric said, "But he has never been under fire before and I am going to help him with the guys I love."  I was knocked out, they said, for about 30 minutes. Kirkpatric took me to the hospital. The boy on my right died about 12:30 a.m. and the boy on my left from gun one had his right leg cut off. I have tried to find Kirkpatric for 55 years.  I believe he was from either North or South Carolina at the time.  Can you help me? My phone is cell number is 214-212-4097. If I can find him I will fly to visit him. Thank you very much.

Contact: L. Glynn Ellis, USMC 1171637, 1610 N. 4th street, Wills Point, Texas 75136.

[Posted 3/23/07]

Owen, James R.

My father, James R. Owen, served with L (Love) Battery, 4th Battalion, 11th Marines, 155mm howitzers, 1st Marine Division.  I am trying to put together something special for him.  I was hoping to find some of his buddies, pull together some photos and old letters and maybe even put him in contact with some of these men.  Here is some other information he sent me.

Area of combat - Eastern Korea.  Time - January 1951-February 1952.  Campaigns - Spring offensive, March-April 1951; crossed 38th parallel into North Korea until pull-back after U.S. Army units and ROK units' lines broke.  Later - spring offensive, returned to North Korea to continue offensive.  Set up in the Punch Bowl with army artillery to support the offensive.  Had to leave and redeploy elsewhere when we lost three of our six guns by enemy fire.  Peace talks - began in June 1951, I believe.  We were in a static situation from then on.  We would fire support missions from one spot.  The unit left that spot and went to the Seoul area right after I returned home.  Officers - I remember only two - 1st Lt. Coffeen (not sure of the spelling) and 1st Lt. Rice.  They were outstanding officers.  They were always around going from gun to gun when the shells were coming into our area.  They were truly inspirational.  Men - only a few names come to mind - Schemmil (sp), White, Jack Sorlie, Frenchie, Welsbacher, Jack Prevett (sp) who won the Silver Star, James Johnson who won the Medal of Honor at the Chosin Reservoir, Ed O'Brien, Sharp, Williams, Samorin, Smitty, Palmer.

Contact: Daniel Owen, daniel_owen92@hotmail.com.

[Posted 1/21/07]


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