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5th Marine Regiment

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5th Marines, Camp Pendleton

Searching for: Bob Surette from Boston, K.U. Davis, Bill Pressler, Rennie Beratta from Easton, PA and Randall Ackley.  They were in the 5th Marines in Camp Pendleton in 1949-1950.

Contact: Gene Ciliberti at GCilib@tampabay.rr.com.

D-2-5, 2nd Platoon

I am 75 years old and a lot of the names escape me, but I am looking for anyone who served during the period February 1951 through February 1952 with D-2-5, 1st Marine Division, 1st Battalion, 2nd platoon.  Just checking to catch up on the remaining few.

Contact: Irvin M. Leatherbury, 4823 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, PA 19120. E-mail Lleatherburyi@aol.com.

[Posted 5/03/07]

Oltman, Earl W.

My father, Earl W. Oltman, was in the Korean War and was wounded in action.  I Googled his name and was trying to do some history.  His name was on a message from a man that served in the war with my dad.  The man searching for my father was named John R. Ward and the message was posted on the Korean War Project website in 2006.  I know my father was in the Marines, 1st Division (5th Marine Regiment, H&S co., motorpool).  Is there some list somewhere that I can access that would show some info on John R. Ward that I could possibly see if he is still alive and how I could get a hold of him.  My father lived in Henry, IL and died in 1998.  My dad was injured and another marine saved his life.  I am just not getting anywhere on the Internet.

Contact: Sandy Hays, haystks@diamondnet.us.

[Posted 1/08.2011]


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