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1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion

Kipta, George

Dad is a Korean War veteran --1st Marines, 1st Amphibian Tractor Battalion. He says he trained with an armored Amtrac unit and, with some disappointment, ended up in a cargo unit soon after his arrival in Korea. He has trouble remembering a few names --and I wouldn't begin to know how to spell some of the ones he does remember. I know on at least two occasions my dad has made the cross-country trip from Wisconsin to Camp Pendleton, sleeping in his truck. He's got some old, yellowed card in his wallet that convinced the gate guard to let him in. He'd get a real kick out of meeting with his brother Amtracers.

George Kipta (on Right)
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George Kipta (far Left)
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If anyone knows George Kipta, would you please make contact with him?  I set up an email account just for dad, to keep track of any correspondence he might receive. Please send replies to george.kipta@gmail.com.  I'll be sure to print any messages he receives and send them to him.

Thanks - his daughter Allison.  [KWE Note: The KWE has Allison's address on file, too.]



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