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Kilpatrick, Rogene Howell - Marine 108764

My cousin served in Korea and from verbal confirmation I managed to drill into your site and find he was in the First Provisional Marine Brigade in the defense of Pusan. (I recall he was pulled from Okinawa but I am not sure.) I recently got his DD214 and find it is incomplete, noting five years service 48-53, and under remarks noting "Original Service Record missing; Hq USMC skeleton copy does not have record of school dates". Apparently not even units in combat in Korea, just noting discharge from 2nd Mar Div at Camp Lejeune in '53. His oral history describes the Pusan defense and later the Hungnam Evacuation (and possibly part of the final stretch of the Chosin fight). His DD214 only shows good conduct and national service ribbon. I'd like to find what else he deserves in ribbons since he is now in bad health. He is listed on your roster as Rogene Kilpatrick (service number 1087674). Any suggestions welcomed.

He rarely talked about the war and now he actually has trouble remembering what units he served with. BUT it is clear from your roster and from his corroborating story of Pusan that he arrived there early in the war and was in the First Provisional Marine Brigade at least for some time .. but what if any reassignments followed I have no clue except he talks about the massive humanity at Hungnam - the evacuation of refugees.

Contact: Vic Campbell at ablindpig@gmail.com.

[Posted 11/07/2010]


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