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Platoon 109, Battalion #7, Parris Island

I would like to find anyone who might remember Parris Island 1952. If it is possible, I would like to find the names of the drill instructor for Plt 109 Battalion #7. I don't remember my Battalion name. I know it would help.  On 31 January 1952 I was assigned to Plt 109 Battalion #7 on Parris Island, S. Carolina. I went to Miami after boot camp and later went to Korea - where I was injured. I was driving from a missionary and the jeep rolled - there were 2 other marines besides myself hurt. I went to the hospital with a broken back. One of marines had the shaft through his leg. I don't remember there names or what happened to the other marine.

My reason to find the names of the drill instructors is because my son is in the marines and I would like to have a picture of myself and also my battalion with instructor to display with his pictures. I would also like to find some of my brother marines.

Contact: Robert at dawn.fischetti@gmail.com.

[Posted 1/12/2007]


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