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Zeimet, Wilfred (Willy)

My dad was M/GySgt Wilfred (Willy) P. Zeimet (tanker).  Guadalcanal/Okinawa in 1943-1944 6th MarDiv (awarded BSM w/combat "V") and Purple Heart; China in 1944-45; Korea 1952-53 (awarded Purple Heart); Okinawa 1958; Vietnam 1964 (Willy's Apartments); Retired 1966 (26 years).  I'm trying to find anybody that may have known him or of him.  He was quite the expert with both pistol and rifle and a regular deer hunter on Pendleton.  His friends were Ted Hermans and Lewy Lundhagund.

Contact: RMC William N. Zeimet USN Ret.  E-mail bzeimet@pioneer-cable.com.

[Posted 3/29/07]


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