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These are all hospital corpsman I am trying to locate:

  • Thomas "Tuck" O'Connor, HM3 from Chicago, IL.  Last contact - 1951, Chelsea Naval Hospital, Chelsea, MA;
  • Joseph M. McCaffrey, HM1 from Lawrence, MA.  Last contact - 1953 in Port Lyautey, French Morocco;
  • Jo Ho Sommers HM? from Brooklyn, NY.  Last contact - 1949 at Hospital Corps School Great Lakes, IL Class 15, 1949.

If it will be of any help, my last duty station was VR-24, Naval Air Facility, Port Lyautey, F.M.

Contact: Jim Touhey, former HM2, USN.  jim2e@attbi.com.

Naval Communications Station (NCS), Guam

I have a 50-plus year long shot. While stationed on Guam during the Korean conflict, I had some serious lung pain. I was finally talked into seeing the doctor by a friend. Well, you can guess the rest as the visit to the doctor for lung problems was not documented. His remark was, "It is the weather and when you get back to the states it will clear up." We all lived in the WW2 Quonset huts without air-conditioning, and the humidity ran 90 plus percent. I have since heard that many shipmates suffered from some type of lung disease, such as TB, which is 7 times higher than in the States.

I just came up with the NCS Guam 1951 roster, but I do not know or remember most names. I am trying to locate a Hammock, J. H. who was a friend of the gentleman that knew of my visit to the doctor.If you have any ideas, please let me know. At the rate I am going it could take another 5 years to locate anyone. Thank you very much for any help you can give me.  I was a Teleman (TE3) and it was called C division NCS Guam. I think NCS Guam in 1951 and 1952 worked as a Teleman would work.

I worked at the com station, and I lived in Hut 21. I just received the roster about 2 weeks ago from a Bob Pepper. I have four pages of names and so far I only remember about two guys. That is not good for me. I am using www.switchboard.com to see if anyone remembers me, but of course they have the same problem that I have.

Contact: Paul L. Roberts, 2821 Wyandotte St., Las Vegas, NV 89102; plroberts1@aol.com; 702-876-3907.

[Posted 8/06/05]

Navy Seal

I am seeking any information, military records, medals, honors and ship.  My father, T.L. Seeley, served during the Korean War as a Navy Seal.

Contact: Tammy Pierce at telynn1968@yahoo.com.

[Posted 4/17/09]





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