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Corpsman Kirkpatrick

I was in H-3-11 1st Marine Division, Korean War.  I have trying to find the corpsman that take me to a hospital when I was hit by a 52-pound artillery round by the Chinese. His name was Kirkpatrick and he was from South or North Carolina.

We always loved the corpsmen. In this case even more. Kirkpatrick had left us four days before we got hit hard. His boys had asked him to come about 10 miles below us and rest for a while.  They had given us a new corpsman that had never been in battle. Kirkpatrick's group was drinking a little beer when their radio said Howe Battery was getting the hell knocked out of them.  Kirkpatrick jumped up and grabbed his stuff. His boss said, "Where are you going?", and he told him, "I am going to Howe Battery.  His officer said, "I have got a corpsman up there," and told him he had never been in combat.  He ran and got in his unit and came to us.  The corpsman was doing the best he could, but we had several wounded and one or two killed. I got hit with a 52-pound artillery round that knocked me out and blew both of my ear drums out.  They said I was unconscious for 40 minutes. One of my men helped and put me in a hole.

Later Kirkpatrick got me and took me to a hospital.  In two weeks it was time for me to go home.  My kids put a website in about a year or so ago about me and when I was wounded.  It is www.glynnellis.com.  The Old Breed News put the story I wrote about what all happened on November 1 of 1951 on H-3-11 that day.  If you can read it I promise you that you will never forget what went on that one day. I got your stories and etcetera.out of the Military magazine of January 2009. I have really enjoyed your stories.  If can find Kirkpatrick I will send you $100 dollars and go see him.

Contact: Glynn Ellis at glynn68@sbcglobal.net.

[Posted 1/07/09]

Corpsman Robert G. Skidmore

I am looking for information on my uncle Robert G. Skidmore.  I believe he was a Navy Corpsman in Korea and was wounded.  He later joined the Marines. 

Contact: Carl Bragg at casabragg@cox.net. [Posted 8/16/09]


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