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General Stuart Heintzelman

How do I research a ship, the Gen. Stuart Heintzelman?  What did the ship do in the Hungnam evacuation?  Did the ship carry the Marines from the Chosin Reservoir or Frozen Chosin?  My father was on the Gen. S. Heintzelman as a displaced person from Germany.  Dad was on the ship from April 16 to April 26, 1950.  He came from Breman, Germany to Boston, MA.  In December 1950 the Heintzelman was in Korea.  Is there a story of the General Heintzelman in Korea? 

Contact: Bruno Szatkowski through Lynnita at the Korean War Educator.

[Posted 3/07/2010]

USS Carmick DMS-33

My father, Van D. Harrald Sr., passed away last week. He told me of his time in the Korean War as a sailor on the USS Carmick DMS-33. His extended obituary is posted on the KWE's death notices topics page. I am currently researching information to write about my father’s time in the Navy during the Korean War. Any suggestions of places to locate information about other sailors aboard the USS Carmick from 1952-1953, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Contact: Linda Ray, RayLindaArlene@uams.edu.

USS Repose

I have learned that on June 10, 1953, Admiral W.M. Murphy awarded the USS Repose AH16 the Korean Presidential Citation.  Would there have been something issued to ships company?  A certificate?  If just to the ship would there have been something in writing?  If so, where could I obtain a copy?  How would I determine if I were eligible?  Thanks for any info you might furnish.

Contact: Willard Adams, Radioman, USS Repose AH16 1953/54.  E-mail wadams@newwavecomm.net.

[Posted 4/17/09]


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