John's Open Letters Vol. 1 #3

September 15, 2001

Dear Sirs,

The importance of this Open Letter is to continue to let you know what I have been told recently and to cover issues of concern to all.

The most repeated comments were that, "There are a few trouble makers that are trying to disrupt the K.W.V.A. and their goal is to get their hands on the money in the treasury." I am hoping Mr. Gregory, the National Treasurer has made every possible and necessary effort to safeguard the moneys that are so important to the financial health of the K.W.V.A. I feel Mr. Gregory is doing a good job and has taken the steps that were necessary after the terrible experiences our organization endured because of a previous Treasurer who was given too much latitude in his position as the K.W.V.A. Treasurer.

Again my very serious concerns are that what comments are being made by some "elected officers and other staff members". To label elected officials as "trouble makers" and state that they are trying to get their hands on the Treasury of the K.W.V.A. is very accusing language and has no place in our veterans organization. We just went through the previous problem about our Treasury and now to have these remarks made that appears to be irresponsible, does nothing but open old wounds and further disrupts the K.W.V.A. To cast blame on a few of our members is one thing, but where is the proof? What is to be accomplished by these accusations?

Trying to do the right thing, even with these Open letters, has always been my goal. The problem I have found was who has the authority to allow me to put my Open letters in The Graybeards. I was questioned by Mr. Coon as to why I did not contact him first about my concerns on many matters. After my first experience about audits, I decided to go on my own and write a personal Open Letter. I asked Mr. Coon who had the "final say" as to what goes in The Graybeards. He said the Editor. Then I talked to the Editor and he said, "Yes, some things, but anything that might not be in keeping with good articles went to Mr. Coon for final approval. Only things that are construed not being complimentary to the K.W.V.A." This as I see it is two conflicting statements from people who are responsible for important business functions by either being elected or appointed. Upon hearing this I decided to continue my Open letters as long as I desire. Not being permitted to express one's views by either an officer or general member is censorship.

After Mr. Coon received my second letter concerning the questions about quorums at officially called meetings and my personal views to guarantee the legality of the meetings, he again said I should have called him first because this letter "makes you look like a fool". I don't know what a fool looks like, maybe Mr. Coon does, but I do know when someone is being foolish and this I have never been. It was nice to hear again what Mr. Coon feels but I hope in the future he refers to me in a nicer tone. I have always shown respect in writing as well as words about him and I would expect the same from him.

Another important matter is giving credit where credit is due when justly deserved. Even though Mr. Jerry Lake is doing a nice job as Membership /Chapter Formation Chairman, I feel another person who has devoted much time, energy, and I'm sure, money is worthy of a thank-you for what he has done for the K.W.V.A. Up until this month he has had a very active part in creating over twenty-five new Chapters and is presently working on several more in Texas and Indiana. It is nice for our leader to take credit for being in his position while these new Chapters are being formed and a nice increase in Membership but without men such as Sam Naomi the results would not have been as great. My personal thanks to Mr. Naomi and others who are working in the trenches for the good of the K.W.V.A.

I have received quite a few calls and letters from our officers and members and the approval rating for my Open letters is very high. Thank you for your replies. As a result I will continue to do so as long as I am concerned about making sure the truth will be known and hopefully the K.W.V.A. will be a veterans organization I will continue to be proud to be a member of.

I had one phone conversation with a man telling me I don't know anything because I never attended any of the meetings. After telling this man six times I am unable to travel, he insisted I go to the meetings. I can't go because I am basically house-bound due to my health. After listening to him tell me I'm all wrong I almost agreed with him. But when he said I should not write Open letters I wondered if he was OK because he writes an Open letter every month. He does not like the K.W.V.A., President Coon, the ex-Presidents and even the late departed founder of this organization.

Then he said I should take him off my mailing list. This was difficult for me to do because he wasn't on my list, and he never will be. I don't want to suggest he needs help but who knows. Everybody has a right to their own opinion, including him, for he is still a member of the K.W.V.A.

I have received a terrific response to my Open letters and a very large percentage is favorable. I can count on one hand the unfavorable responses. As I have stated on numerous occasions I want the truth and my only interest is for the well-being of the K.W.V.A. I have no desire to run for any office.

Please acknowledge receiving this letter and your personal opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Freedom is not free, and it never was.

Respectfully, John Kronenberger

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