John's Open Letters Vol. 1 #14

November 24, 2001

This letter is a change from my usual format. I don't know whether to feel good or bad about it.

Now another Director, Mr. Jack Edwards, has seen fit to consult with an attorney for possible legal action. I feel it is based on the counting and reporting of the number of members present at meetings. I had reported three different members stating there was not a quorum present. In my tenth Open letter dated Nov. 1, 2001 on page 2, 2nd paragraph it states: "Mr Edwards counted and reported that there was a quorum at the July 2001 meeting." Recently Mr. Edwards reports that he "spot checked" the attendees' ID's. This is different than the previous official statement that he "checked and confirmed". If this is his reason to consult with and to threaten me through a lawyer, I feel he should reconsider because, by his own admission, he only "spot checked". If what I have received about Mr. Edwards is wrong then I will personally apologize. But I will not apologize for Mr. Edwards' statement of correction on his part.

Mr. Coon's letter to a Chapter President states, "I would suggest you learn the truth before passing along Mr. Kronenbuger's [sic] letters, they are full of misinformation. I don't even read them as my time is to [sic] valuable to helping veterans other than be destroy. " He further implies that my letters are like yelling "fire" in a crowded theater. Naturally Freedom of Speech does not give me or anyone the right to do that. My informative letters cannot be compared to this, but if the theater is on fire I would certainly alert the patrons to the danger of the fire and I would do everything in my power to help in whatever way I can. I want to thank Mr. Coon for his statement because I have felt my open letters were the same, a warning (fire) call to the members about the danger of the theater (K.W.V.A.) being destroyed by internal combustion.

E-mail dated Nov. 21, 2001 from Mr. Coon requests his e-mail name be removed from my letter's list. I have honored his request. Besides, he said he didn't read my letters anyway.

Now a possible change in scheduling but I wouldn't hold my breath on this one. In an e-mail from Mr. Pratt as stated in his message, "With reference to that matter of member Kronenberger that is also mentioned, it is my understanding from our president that because of a loaded agenda, some nonattendance by some needed members, and certain other circumstances he will reschedule his hearing from January at Las Vegas to the annual reunion in July in Arlington." This was sent to ex-President Pappas with cc to a large list. I asked for a letter from Mr. Coon on this possible change of scheduling by way of Mr. Pratt, "his" legal advisor. Mr. Pratt informed me , "I note that you copied your message to me also to President Coon. Thus he must be aware of your desire for an occiccial [sic] statement from him."

In another e-mail Mr. Pratt says , "He [Mr. Coon] tells me that there are some administrative problems in scheduling the matter for January. A delay could helpfully provide the council with an additional opportunity to review your conduct and attitude in the interim to assist it in determining what action to take on this matter. I do not know at this time how he will respond to my suggestion for a delay. " Now that is interesting to me. I wonder if Mr. Coon has questioned what he said he planned to do, or is this a ploy to confuse the members so they will not go to Nevada in Jan. 2002? When and if Mr. Coon notifies me by e-mail of his plans I will forward it to all. Until then it is status quo.

Since when did my attitude become an issue? If anybody can say I have an attitude problem by wanting the truth and being concerned about the welfare of the K.W.V.A., I have nothing but pity for them. I consider my personal attitude none of official K.W.V.A.'s business for I am not in school, the military or living in a controlled society. The right to Free Speech and Expression is my Constitutional Right and I will include under that, my personal attitude.

Recently I have learned there are a lot of other Veterans groups having internal strife and I didn't want this to happen to the K.W.V.A. Only with good dedicated leadership can the K.W.V.A. attain what it was originally established for, namely, a proud and deserving Veterans organization for the memory of our fallen comrades and recognition of the Korean War Veterans.

I will be forwarding information from Mr. Ken Buckley, Burton-Good Chapter in Maine < KBuc263924@a... > . Please, in the future, all e-mails and snail mails sent to me to be forwarded should have "Permission to Use" on them. Copies of snail mail and/or documents received will be forwarded by snail mail to interested parties.

Respectfully, John Kronenberger

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