John's Open Letters Vol. 1 #26a

Our candidate for Director Maurice R. "Dick" Wainwright has initiated a "Challenge of the 2002 Election of the Korean War Veterans Association to remove Harley J. Coon's name from the Ballot and return the By-Laws to their original intent." By your completion of this Statement Form and then sending it to Mr. Wainwright we will show a consolidated effort to remove Mr. Harley J. Coon from the Ballot and this will prove what our Membership thinks should be done. Act now for time is of the essence. Fill it out and mail it soon. Following is Mr. Wainwright's letter for your use.


Maurice R. "Dick" Wainwright 9001 E. Rosewood St. Tucson, AZ 85710-2659 Phone & Fax – 520-298-1581 e-mail – mrwainwright@j... April 19, 2002

To Interested KWVA Members –

During a recent discussion with our nominee for President a plan of attack was developed to make the voice of the membership heard. It will take some doing and it can be done. In my challenge I mentioned a "Statement of Support for the 2002 Election Challenge". An expanded copy of the statement is attached.

The plan is to get as many of these statements from our members as we can. With the consolidate effort of our contacts I think we can present a strong voice of the membership to support our effort to correct our present problem.

The form should be duplicated (changed if you want different wording) and presented to all our contacts. Those receiving the completed forms would then make a roster listing the name and giving each form a number in order received. A cover letter listing the totals of each group would then be given to someone to present at the meeting in July. When consolidated we should have volumes about what our membership thinks should be done. We have about ninety days to work.

It’s time to get to work.

For the Better, s/ DW Dick Wainwright

Statement Form:

Statement of Support for The 2002 Election Challenge

Please include my name in support of this challenge of the 2002 Election of the Korean War Veteran Association to remove Harley J. Coon’s name from the ballot and return the bylaws to their original intent.

Signature: _____________________________________

Printed Name: __________________________________

Address: ______________________________________


Membership Number: ________________

Phone/Fax/Email: _______________________________

Receiver’s Initials: ________ Number:_________

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