John's Open Letters Vol. 1 #27

May 17, 2002

Quite often I express my own personal views and I'm sure there are some who say, "Here we go again". In order to put a more serious slant on the issues that we feel are very important I will be injecting into my letters some of the information I have received that needs to be brought to your attention.

This is from a letter originally sent April 21, and forwarded to me April 27. It states as follows: "A sitting president and the executive officers of any organization, as a reflection on their hierarchy, is expected to rise above the common individuals of such organization. Because of this elevated position, these leaders should be expected to put personal convictions aside and promote the welfare and continued success of their organization. To do otherwise is an abortion of their duly expected duties and would cause degradation and the eventual demise of the organization. Unfortunately as to the case in point as currently abides with the present executive board of the Korean War Veterans Association, and in my opinion only, the present leaders are on a personal ego trip and are determined in self perpetuation by acting in collusion regardless of collateral damage inflicted on the Korean War Veterans Association. These gentlemen may have provided admiral service to our country, and would be regarded as fine and courageous individuals and friends but in this election scenario have apparently banded together to further only their personal interests. This appears to be collusion in its purest form and to prevent any and all view points contrary to their mindset. Let me reiterate, this is my viewpoint only, and not to taken as a reflection opinion from another." The sender suggests, "This should be read by all our members and especially by our elected officials." Then the writer offers his support to help in the "Preservation and solidarity within the Korean War Veterans Association for that should always be foremost."

I want to apologize for not printing this sooner for I think it says it all about the present situation in the Korean War Veterans Association. He states he is willing to help us get out of the mess that he has observed even though he is not running for National Office.

Ken, up in Maine, says the K.W.V.A. is like a runaway truck. Others seem to be preparing for the demise of the Organization because there appears to be a hopeless feeling if Mr. Coon and his list of Candidates get elected.

I have never suggested any course of action, on my own, except for each and every eligible Member to vote.

Every dynasty has fallen because they underestimated the power of the common man or woman. The righteousness and strength of our right to vote is all that is needed to set things on a path to stability and greater heights for the K.W.V.A. We need to exercise that right if nothing more than to prove that the Members do care about how the K.W.V.A. is run. You do have a choice but think about all the controversy that we are having with our present leaders. I don't think we want more of the same just because someone has an inflated ego and does not want to lose control of our organization.

An example of the desperate measures being taken by some has been the use of K.W.V.A. mailing address labels by a select few and not permitted by others. The officer who has allowed this and the users of these labels should be held accountable and should be required to pay for the costs involved. Then the new Executive Board, at their own discretion, could bring charges against them for the unauthorized use of K.W.V.A. mailing labels for their own personal gain in this election. This reminds me of "behind the door politics" where a group works to sway the election, by whatever means they can think of, to be used against their opponents so they can get the personal results they are seeking. It is not right and as long as they are allowed to get away with it you are at the mercy of the Board. Then it is not your K.W.V.A. but it is their K.W.V.A. for you to like it or leave it. These are similar to the words I was told when I started my Open letters. "You either stop writing or you could be expelled, and why don't you get out if you disagree with us." There is no way I will bow to these threats.

Not one bad word has come my way from Dick Adams and the list of his recommended Candidates. They are honorable men.

The opposing Candidates have sent me at least six individual e-mails calling me everything imaginable because they cannot cope with someone who has opposing views. The fact that so many Chapters have requested answers to their inquiries that have "never" been answered has alienated many Members, especially new ones. That will change when Mr. Adams will be the legally elected President of the Korean War Veterans Association. You have many more reasons to vote than to not vote. Mr. Adams is not on an ego trip. Please don't let the K.W.V.A. down by not voting.

In ancient times people who stole had their hands cut off, and those who lied had their tongues cut out. Today we are considered much more civilized and cultured. Thank goodness or we would have a lot of people who talk funny and couldn't shake hands.

Also our laws (By-Laws) are much more lenient but when properly enforced can have a strong meaning. This brings into mind what many have told me that our By-Laws are weak and even confusing. There is definitely a need for them to be revised and properly enforced for the good of all the Members of the K.W.V.A. They are not meant to be, or should not be, allowed to be used for one's personal gain. By-Laws are a guide for the proper administering of any organization ad should be adhered to by all the Members, with no exceptions.

New news: The great Department of Florida had a Convention May 11 to swear in their new Officers and to give thanks to the many very dedicated Officers who served their Members well. The Conference bestowed the honor on Presidential Candidate Dick Adams to swear in the newly elected Florida State President Jake Feaster and his Board Members. Also the Members were presented with a Florida State Charter. Someday the K.W.V.A. may have a National Charter from our Government. At present there are twenty-three Chapters in Florida and they are active in every way possible for the good of all the Korean War Veterans, especially the physically impaired and disabled. Their efforts in getting financial support from the State Capitol is almost legendary. This has been accomplished by the professionalism of Legislative Affairs Director, Charley D. Price.

I am sure Mr. Adams enjoyed the experience of seeing the operation of a body of men and women whose only goal is to be supportive of the Korean Veterans in Florida. From my contacts with many of their Officers the feeling I got was that they have no selfish desires, and they are not assuming their responsibilities with an inflated ego.

Mr. Tom Gaffney, who has been the President of the Dept. of Florida and Publication Editor, is now looking forward to a much deserved vacation. I personally want to wish him and his wife well and hope they enjoy a break from all the activities they have been involved in. Tom, you did a great job while in Office, and please don't stop publishing your Newsletter. I have found that it was done in excellent taste and it could be a model to others. And to all the Officers, recently elected, I want to wish you a successful term in Office and I feel confident the Korean Veterans from the State of Florida will be grateful for your wonderful support.

Being the curious person that I am I wonder who the three phony e-mailers are voting for. I wonder if one and the same realizes each legal Member is entitled to only one vote. I will probably never know who they voted for and I prefer to keep it that way. There are thousands of nice Members who can vote and my personal wish is for them to vote for Dick Adams.

I was asked to send this letter to all and especially to our Nationally Elected officials. Most of the K.W.V.A. Officers requested that I remove their name from my mailing list and that includes Mr. Coon. They need to read this letter so they will know how some of our Members feel. If you can send this letter to them you have my thanks for doing so. Also please give it your widest distribution possible so your Chapter Members can read it. Your personal opinion is greatly appreciated.

Freedom is not free and it never was.

Respectfully, John Kronenberger

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