John's Open Letters Vol. 1 #33

August 21, 2002

Never in my life have I observed such a despicable attitude towards Members of a Veterans Organization as I have recently in an e-mail from newly elected Director Warren Weidhahn. He wants to be the representative of all the "good members", so he says, but what does he call good members?

My only mistake was when I thought Mr. Warren Weidhahn would want to know about an e-mail I received about the restructuring of the KWVA sent to me by Mike Glazzy. I was wrong, for Mr. Weidhahn did not want to be so informed. Then Mr. Coon says there are no plans, and this should have put it to rest. Mr. Coon forwarded his answer in which he states "I know of no restructuring" to an extended list but the replies I got from Weidhahn was that I was a "trouble-maker" and that I was feeding "false and misleading information" to the Members. He further hopes I don't have some sort of "mental deficiency". For all this I am "mean spirited" and "negative". Finally he says, "Please - do not respond! You will get no further responses from me."

Now my friends, this is what was elected to the Board. Someone who does not listen to a well-meaning Member whose only concern is for the good of the KWVA and he has said I do not have a right to criticize the leaders in the KWVA.

My e-mail address list did not have Warren Weidhahn and several other blind-sided officers and staff members who Mr. Coon saw fit to include in getting a copy of the all-important e-mail that I received from Mr. Glazzy. Now Mr. Glazzy's answer to me is to "read the minutes". What minutes? I checked the March Meeting Minutes and there was no discussion on restructuring of the KWVA. Either Mr. Glazzy or Harley is putting out "false information", not I. I hope someone informs Warren of this but I doubt whether he would be interested.

Just to keep you up to date, I received a response from Harley that says the following:

------------------------------------------------------------- "Subj: Re: Response to Belated Response Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 8:06:25 PM From: CoonKorean Expow To: SKronen266, GTGREGM cc:,,,, CAMPL19,, CMDRLK,,,,,,, LaffinEvil,,, Jwiedhahn

John I know nothing or have not heard of any restructuring the K W V A.

The KWVA has an out side C P A make a monthly 95% audit The finance committee is furnished a reconciled bank statement and a list of the checks, along with the C P A statement. If you have positive proof of mishandling of K W V A funds please present them. You continue to print hear say instead of the truth. Any member of the K W V A can come into K W V A National office and inspect the books. Where were you when the $ 240,000 came up missing?

Harley J. Coon President K W V A

PS. I am pleased that you got so many of your candidates elected" first, I don't know why Harley got in the act for my basic correspondence was with Mike Glazzy. Now, I would like to know what is a monthly 95% audit? What is the name of the C.P.A. who works for the KWVA and what does he get paid for an incomplete audit? Where in our financial statements does it show the C.P.A. is getting paid? I have never said anyone in the present regime has mishandled funds. All I have asked for is an explanation of the disbursements and who authorized some of them. I was a Treasurer for several years in our Chapter and also responsible to hundreds in handling their finances for eleven years so I am asking questions from my own personal experiences.

I see no reason for someone to get paranoid when a Member questions specifics about our treasury. And what difference does it make where I was when the $240,000 came up missing? That was the responsibility of the Finance Committee and the Executive Board and not the rest of the Members, of which I was one at that time. Stop your implying questions and show your own short-comings for not being the responsible elected person you were supposed to be. I was a Chapter Treasurer when Mr. Maison was being investigated but that had nothing to do with me. All I heard was what was in the Graybeards magazine.

I felt that Harley's P.S. was a very sarcastic ending to his e-mail. I don't think Harley has any shame or respect. I have noticed after Harley gives his vitriolic remarks, "his" Board jumps on the bandwagon and spews forth the same insulting remarks just like the sheep that follows the lead ram or goat while they are being lead to shearing. We call it Follow The Leader. Sheep make good chops and sweaters but they sure are dumb.

The following is a series of e-mails which followed the phony e-mails I got from "" I will let you be the judge as to who originated this last phony e-mail.

-------------------------------------------------------------- 1) " From: <> To: <> Cc: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <> Date: Friday, August 02, 2002 9:28 PM Subject: losers

Hey guys we better get some better candidates We picked a bunch of two time losers

James Ferris lost 2 times Dick Adams lost 2 times Joseph Calabra lost 2 times Mike Glazzy lost 2 times is the membership trying to tell us something? I still have plenty of crow we can eat J K " ----------------------------------------------------------------

2) "Subj: Re: losers Date: 02-08-04 11:03:15 EDT [note: time/date incorrect on Ken's computer] From: KBuc263924 To: SKRONEN2666

Look in the mirror for another loser. Not only did you lose - another 14,000 people lost too. Your actions are what are driving this KWVA into the mud. Enjoy yourself along with your pals. You may have "won" if that's what you call it, but you lost a lot more. No one has respect for you - no one! More chapters will be going their own way unless you toss your hat in and call it quits, and give us all a break! Winning by that margin ain’t a win. It's a pathetic acceptance by those who subscribe to your magazine and wish to know nothing more than what is ladled out. 14,000 members and less than 4,000 voted! You call that a win? It's sad! I wouldn't beat the drum or play the bugle. There's nothing to be jubilant about. And for a man who sends anonymous e-mails it says a lot about the sender. Hiding behind a shield of anonymity tells me only thing - you're a lousy coward!!!!! Ken Buckley Bangor, Maine. " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -

3) " Subj: Coon Ltr Date: Sunday, August 18, 2002 7:55:54 PM From: KBuc263924 To: SKronen266

John: This is the letter that I received from Coon after I mailed the 2666 address. It came within an hour. I hadn't sent any other mail to Coon and neither had I received any from him for a long time. That's why he acknowledged the letter I sent to 2666 or whatever. Ken I don't have the one I sent him. The time on my letter would be incorrect because I do not keep the clock in the correct position.

Subj: Fwd: address Date: 02-08-05 13:49:58 EDT From: CoonKorean Expow To: KBuc263924

I HAVE RECEIVED MANY MESSAGES LIKE THIS. DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE? ----------------- Forwarded Message: Subj: Re: address Date: 02-08-05 10:12:04 EDT From: NitaBiff To: CoonKorean Expow

[three irrelevant sentences deleted]

CONGRATULATIONS on the landslide victory. I never doubted that you would've done a great job and our folks know it.

Nita " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Your personal opinion is greatly appreciated. Freedom is not free and it never was.

Respectfully, John Kronenberger

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