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Oreste "Rusty" Tramonte Removal from KWVA

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Excerpts, Tuscola Meeting Minutes
Notice of Expulsion



Rusty Tramonte is a former national director of the Korean War Veterans Association. In 2001, he was expelled from the KWVA at a meeting held in Tuscola, Illinois on March 24, 2001. The basis for his expulsion, was that he purportedly stated he would not attend the March 24, 2001 Executive Council and General Membership meeting, and that he urged and encouraged other council members to also not attend. Tramonte was not expelled by the Executive Council. There was no quorum of council members on March 24, so President Harley Coon brought the matter to a vote before the membership rather than the council.  Section 5 of the KWVA bylaws requires that officers of the KWVA must be expelled or suspended from office "for just cause by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee after charges are preferred under oath in writing and a hearing held, after due notice, before the Executive Council."  Harley Coon bypassed this requirement in order to get rid of a council member who did not support his administration.

Excerpts, Tuscola Meeting Minutes, March 24, 2001
General Membership Meeting, Tuscola, IL March 24, 2001, 10:45 a.m.

"President Coon called the General Membership meeting to order. Sergeant of Arms, Jack Edwards reported that 121 members signed in and all credentials were checked. 10 states were represented. Executive Council present, President Coon, 2nd Vice President Grygier, Appointed Officers Secretary Camp, Treasurer Gregory, Judge Advocate Pratt, Chaplin Sharp. Directors present - Danielson, Schilling, Jones, Cook, Pirrello.

Because there was a lack of a quorum for the Executive Council, the issues that required approval was [sic] forwarded to the General Membership for final disposition…. President Coon asked Sergeant of Arms Jack Edwards if Director Oreste Tramonte was present for his hearing. Sergeant of Arms reported that Director Tramonte or representative were not present. President Coon asked Director Pirrello to read the sworn charges against Director Tramonte. In violation of said by-laws Article III Section 3, Paragraph C, subsection D3. Exhibit A Attached. After a motion by Reginald Rawls membership #LR 10954 from New York and seconded to expel Oreste Tramonte from the KWVA. President Coon asked anyone to make any statement either in favor of or against the charges.

National Director Danielson questioned the process used. President Coon then asked those in favor of the motion to stand. After those standing were seated President Coon asked those against the motion to stand. One stood up. Mr. Danielson stated that he abstained. The vote was 119 yes, 1 no, and one abstained. Motion carried…."

[KWE Note: See also Nick Pappas Suspension - Joseph Pirrello letter, March 21, 2001, because Pirrello also carried charges against Rusty Tramonte.]

Notice of Expulsion:
National KWVA Headquarters
Harley J. Coon, President
4120 Industrial Lane
Beavercreek, OH 45430

March 27, 2001

Oreste "Rusty" Tramonte
P.O. Box 43
Marshfield, MA 02050

Re: Expelled

Be advised that your membership in the Korean War Veterans Association was terminated at an appropriate general membership meeting of the Association in Tuscola, Illinois on March 24, 2001 after a showing of just cause. Any membership cards issued to you, or other evidence of membership in the KWVA, should be promptly forwarded and returned to the KWVA Secretary for appropriate disposition.

The above action was taken on the basis of sworn charges filed and furnished to you in a timely manner by certified mail, and elaborated on in testimony at the hearing, that you did participate in unacceptable conduct for an association member, and especially an Executive Board member, that seriously jeopardized and impeded the ability of he organization to effectively function and carry on its operations, to wit:

That at an unofficial and apparently impromptu gathering with certain other KWVA members following the KWVA Special Executive Board meeting on February 23, 2001, and perhaps at other times, you did state that you, contrary to the requirements of the ByLaws and in a statement you signed when appying to run for the office of Director, would not attend the upcoming Board and General Membership meeting in March and further, that you urged and encouraged others [sic] Board members present also not to attend said announced meeting.

Following those actions by uou, and probably as a consequence of them, when the Executive Board met on March 24, 2001, it did not have enough members present to constitute a quorum and was thus unable to carry out its usual, routine and necessary functions and duties.

You were duly advised of these complaints against you by certified mail and extended an opportunity to appear and present information on your behalf. You did not appear at the meeting nor were you found by a search to be present anywhere nearby. Whereupon, at the above March 24, 2001 meetiing, the assembled membership in a duly constituted and formal general meeting, after hearing the description of the circumstances involved, by a vote of 119 yes to 1 no, and 1 abstained, adopted the said motion that your described conduct constituted just cause for the termination of your membership in this organization. Accordingly, your membership was then and there terminated.

We regret that this action was found to be necessary and we extend our gratitude to you for your otherwise helpful past services in the KWVA.

(signed) Harley J. Coon, President
Copy: Executive Council

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