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National Officers’ Voting Records

Except in the September/October 2000, July/August 2001, March/April 2002 issues, only abridged minutes are published in the KWVA newsletter, The Graybeards. [Those published in the September/October 2000 issue were, except for one record of vote, abridged.] The problem with abridged minutes is that they do not reveal the voting records of the national officers as is required by Roberts Rules of Order. In spite of repeated requests from various members of the KWVA, Harley Coon, current president of the Korean War Veterans Association, has to date refused to allow the membership to acquire corrected but unabridged minutes that reveal the voting records of the directors. He claims that the KWVA records are available for inspection at the national headquarters, but the only address given for the "national headquarters" is a post office box in Beavercreek, Ohio. By not providing information on board members’ voting records, the board of directors of the KWVA is in violation of Roberts Rules of Order and thus, the KWVA's own by-laws that require the board to follow these universal rules for parliamentary procedure. As a result, the general membership is uninformed as to how the individuals who control the finances and the general operation of the KWVA vote because those votes are shrouded from them.

Voting Record
Executive Council Meeting
Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, VA

July 25, 2000
The voting record of the KWVA board of directors was published on only one issue taken up at this meeting. It was:

MOTION: By Dot Schilling, second by Ken Cook to accept finance committee recommendation to provide $10,000.00 for scholarship for one year—the KWVA to administer the funds and the Grant corporation to select the recipient. Appropriate the $10,000.00 from interest money earned. A roll call vote was taken.

Voting Yes: Ed Magill, Ken Cook, Jack Edwards, Tom Clawson, Richard Danielson, James Jones, Dorothy Schilling, Ted Trousdale.

Voting No: Bob Morga, Rusty Tramonte, John Settle, Ed Grygier. Abstain: Bill Van Ort.

Motion carried 8 Yes, 4 No and 1 abstention.

Voting Record
Executive Council Meeting,
Crystal City, VA
July 25, 2001

MOTION: by J. Jones, Jr., seconded by Grygier to consider all charges filed against Nick Pappas at this time. After a discussion a roll call vote 7 Yes, 6 No.

Voting Yes: Grygier, Schilling, Jones, McKinniss, Pirrello, Bingham, Cook.

Voting No: McGill, Adams, Clawson, Danielson, Morga, Trousdale.

MOTION by Danielson, 2nd Clawson, to table the motion by Jones. Roll call: 6 Yes; 7 No.

Voting Yes: McGill, Adams, Trousdale, Danielson, Morga, Clawson.
Voting No: Bingham, Jones, Cook, Schilling, Pirrello, McKinniss, Grygier.

MOTION: By Clawson, 2nd by McKinniss to increase budget $5,000 for travel.
Motion passed.

MOTION: By Clawson, 2nd by Danielson to pay $1,500 per year for rent.
Motion passed.

MOTION: By Morga, 2nd by Adams to reinstate Pappas to the KWVA membership and censored from running for office for four years if Pappas agrees.

Roll Call: 9 Yes; 3 No; 1 Abstention.
Voting Yes: McGill, Adams, Clawson, Trousdale, McKinniss, Cook, Schilling, Morga, Pirrello.
Voting No: Bingham, Grygier, Jones. Abstention: Danielson.
Motion passed.

By Cook, 2nd by Jones, not to pay as recommended by the Finance Committee [a reimbursement requested by Tom Gaffney, President Dept of Florida].

6 Yes; 6 No; 1 Abstention. President Coon voted with the Finance Committee not to pay the request.

Final Vote: 6 Yes, 6 No; 1 Abstention.
Voting Yes: Trousdale, Adams, Danielson, Morga, McGill, Perello. Voting No: Cook, Schilling, Bingham, Jones, Grygier, McKinniss. Abstention: Clawson.

[Proposed bylaws changes]
Article III Section II: Change from eight members to ten members for special meeting on one subject only.

MOTION: By Jones, 2nd by Schilling.
Motion passed, 9 Yes, 4 No.
Voting No: McGill, Adams, Trousdale, Clawson.
Voting Yes: Cook, Schilling, Bingham, Jones, Grygier, Pirello, McKinniss, Danielson, Morga.

Article III Section IV: Eliminate term limitation for all officers.
MOTION failed 6 Yes, 7 No.

Article II Chapter I Section I: Membership in National is necessary to merit Chapter membership effective this amendment 7 25 01.
Motion passed.

MOTION: To eliminate outdated budget pages no longer needed. Motion: Adams, 2nd Grygier.
Motion passed.

MOTION: Bill VanOrt, 2nd by Ed Bruckman to approve amendment to Article V, Section II and Chapter Section I. "A person must belong to the KWVA to join a chapter".

MOTION: Article III, Section II, Special Meeting "Ten elective members of the Executive Council may call a council meeting for one specific purpose of business."
Motion passed.

MOTION: By Robert D. Johnson, 2nd by J. Humlin on Article III, Section IV, Term of Office. "To eliminate a two consecutive term maximum requirement for Officers and Directors.
Motion passed.

ELECTION RESULTS - as presented by Ken Cook: Donald M. Byers, 1482 votes; Jerry Lake 1474 votes; Jack Edwards 1427 votes; John M. Settle 1249 votes; Michael E. Mahoney 1139 votes; Joseph A. Calabria 710 votes.

MOTION: By Bill VanOrt, 2nd by Louis Casparini to accept the vote tally.
Motion passed.

MOTION: To destroy ballots within the next thirty days.
Motion passed.

MOTION: By Norman Bentele, 2nd by Andy Combs. "To suspend Nick Pappas indefinitely from the Korean Veterans War Association" for just cause. President Coon requested those in favor, to stand and the Sgt. Of arms counted the persons standing. President Coon then asked those voting No to stand. The final vote 57 Yes, 10 No, 2 Abstention.
Motion passed.

MOTION: To adjourn by Earl House, 2nd by Robert Anderson. Motion passed.

Voting Record
Mid Winter Executive council Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada
January 13-17, 2002

MOTION: By J. Edwards, 2nd by L. McKinniss to seat Michael Mahoney to fill vacancy left by the death of Director John Settle. Motion passed. Voting Yes: Schilling, Byers, Edwards, Cook, Pirrello, McKinniss, Jones. Voting No: Adams, Trousdale. Abstain: Lake, Morga.
7 Yes, 2 no, 2 abstain.

MOTION: By D. Adams, 2nd by J. Edwards to allow Michael Mahoney to continue in his role as VAVS National Chairman along with being a National Director.
Motion passed. 11 Yes.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by Morga to change amount for each meeting from $400 to $600, to help defray the cost of attending meeting by the board members. Motion passed. 8 yeas, 3 nays, 1 abstain. Voting Yes: Morga, Byers, McKinniss, Mahoney, Jones, Trousdale, Lake, Schilling. Voting No: Edwards, Cook, Adams. Abstain: Pirrello.

MOTION: By D. Adams, 2nd by J. Edwards to give a $10,000 donation to the U.S. Korea 2000 Foundation Inc. Motion passed. 12 All Yes.
MOTION: By D. Adams, 2nd by D. Byers not to increase the amount of $5400 to $10,000 for the MACK fund (Mission to Amerasian children of Korea). Motion passed.

Voting Yes: Morga, Byers, McKinniss, Adams, Mahoney, Trousdale, Lake, Jones.
Voting No: Schilling, Edwards, Pirrello.
Abstain: Ken Cook. 8 Yeas, 3 nays, 1 abstain.

MOTION: By J. Lake, 2nd by L. McKinniss not to give funds for the purchasing a computer for the Korean War Museum at Tuscola, IL. (KWVA has not received any financial reports from KWVM&L.)
Motion passed. 11 Yes. Abstain: 1 - Ken Cook.

MOTION: By J. Lake, 2nd by D. Adams to seat Warren Wiedhahn to finish the term of George Bingham (because of illness). This term expires on July 26, 2002.
Motion passed. 12 Yes.

MOTION: By M. Mahoney, 2nd by K. Cook to follow by-laws committee recommendation not to change the title of Judge Advocate to Judge Advocate General.
Motion Passed. 13 Yes.

MOTION: By D. Schilling, 2nd by K. Cook to reject the resolution calling for the four defendants named in the Oreste Tramonte law suit to step down.
Motion passed. 8 Yeas, 1 nay, 4 abstain.
Voting Yes: Schilling, Byers, Edwards, Cook, McKinniss, Mahoney, Lake, Wiedhahn.
Voting No: Trousdale. Abstain: Pirrello, Jones, Morga, and Adams.

MOTION: By J. Lake, 2nd by M. Mahoney to add by-laws committee as a permanent addition to the standing committee grouping.
Motion passed. 1 abstain - Morga; 12 yes.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by J. Jones to reject the resolution calling for the returning of 40% of the membership dues to the Departments of Florida and other states.
Motion passed. 10 yeas. 1 nay. 2 abstain.

MOTION: By K. Cook, 2nd by D. Byers to reject the resolution to reseat C. J. Rittenhouse on the board of directors.
Motion passed. 10 yeas; 2 nays, 1 abstain.

MOTION: By D. Byers, 2nd by K. Cook to reject the Long Island Chapter resolution calling to reduce the yearly dues to $15.00.
Motion passed. 11 yeas, 2 abstain.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by J. Lake to reject the letters by director Trousdale that contained resolutions.
Motion passed. 13 yeas.

MOTION: By J. Edwards, 2nd by J. Jones to give President Harley Coon a vote of approval for a job well done. Resolution submitted by Texas Lone Star Chapter.
Motion passed.
Vote Yes: Adams, Jones, Mahoney, Lake, Schilling, Morga, Edwards, Cook, Pirrello, Byers, McKinniss, Weidhahn. 1 abstain - Trousdale. 12 yes, 1 abstain.
[Korean War Educator Note: The Texas Lone Star Chapter subsequently withdraw their resolution of support for Harley Coon in the coming weeks.]

MOTION: By D. Byers, 2nd by J. Lake to accept by-laws committee recommendation not to change by-laws to elect Judge Advocate.
Motion passed. 13 yes.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by M. Mahoney, to table by-law changes recommendation by Mike Glazzy.
Motion passed. 13 yes.

MOTION: By J. Lake, 2nd by D. Adams to appoint Blair Cross, Donald Byers, and Warren Wiedhahn to investigate if there is a need for a paid director position in Washington D.C.
Motion passed. 13 yes.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by J. Lake to give the Korean Ex-Prisoners of War the option of paying $6.00 annually or a one time life payment o $60.00 for subscription of The Graybeards.
Motion passed. 13 yes.

MOTION: By L. McKinniss, 2nd by J. Edwards that any requests for copies of the national membership roster must be in writing and stating purpose and submitted to National Headquarters for approval.
Motion passed. 13 yes.


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