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Florida Resolution

Resolution #3


At the May 2004 meeting of the Department of Florida KWVA Council, council members passed the following Resolution to suspend the current bylaws. The council members aired a number of concerns about the legal status of the KWVA, including the fact that the bylaws currently in use were improperly adopted. The text of the Resolution, which was provided to the KWE by Jake Feaster, President of the Department of Florida KWVA, states:


WHEREAS the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION was incorporated in the State of New York on 14 June 1985 as a Not-for-Profit Corporation with several charitable, social, and secular purposes; and,

WHEREAS Not-for-Profit status and the purposes dictate compliance with state, federal, and corporate regulations; and,

WHEREAS the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION has been found to be not in compliance with state and federal regulations and suffered revocation of its Not-for Profit status in 1998; and,

WHEREAS the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION has been operating within, and from the States of Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, and the District of Columbia as a Not-for-Profit corporation without being awarded such status in those states nor licensed to do business therein; and,

WHEREAS the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION has conducted business and solicited funds from several thousand veterans residing in the several states and territories of the United States and in certain foreign localities from afore mentioned states without proper standing and status; and,

WHEREAS the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION has no clear record of bylaw changes properly adopted by the members and filed with required authorities since 2000; and,

WHEREAS the afore described acts of commission and omission by officials and directors of the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION have created confusion, distrust, and dysfunction within the membership and association, be it therefore

RESOLVED that Department of Florida, a Florida incorporated veterans organization and a chartered department of the KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION, requests that all current bylaws and interpretations and revisions be suspended and the Bylaws of the year 2000 be accepted and adopted until such time as officials and directors of the Association can regain recognized standing in the state of New York or reincorporate elsewhere and regain Not-for-Profit status as necessary to attain the purposes of the 1985 incorporation as a veterans organization.

Executed by the Council, Department of Florida, KWVA, the 21st day of May, in the year of the LORD 2004, at Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Jake Feaster,
President Mary Lum, Secretary


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