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Lone Star Chapter Resolution

Prior to the national KWVA election in the year 2001, the members of the Texas Lone Star Chapter #76 received a request for a formal show of support for KWVA President Harley Coon. The board of directors of the Houston-based group subsequently passed (unanimously) a resolution of support for Coon on March 1, 2001, commending him for his "dedicated service to the National Association and to its membership." The resolution of support was forwarded to Howard Camp to be placed in the Association files for future reference.

Several months later, the Judge Advocate of the KWVA, Sherman Pratt, pronounced that the bylaws change that permitted a third-term presidency was done illegally under Coon’s leadership. With the term limits changed, Harley Coon then ran for president for a third term. According to Howard Nathan, members of the Texas Lone Star Chapter were not happy that Harley Coon was ignoring the bylaws that he had sworn to uphold. "We thought at the time that Harley was doing a pretty good job," Nathan said. "He had not announced for a third term and we just wanted to show our support for him. After he announced, and after the JAG made his ruling, we changed our minds and felt that a person who did not uphold the bylaws didn’t merit our support." The board of directors met on April 4, 2002, at which time they discussed Pratt’s ruling and Coon’s conduct, and voted unanimously to rescind the resolution of support. "I was authorized by the board to write the rescinding letter and forward it on to the proper person," Nathan said. The Lone Star Chapter then sent the following letter to then KWVA Director Ted Trousdale to alert him to the fact that the resolution of support was now null and void:

"On March 1, 2001, the Texas Lone Star Chapter #76 of the KWVA voted to issue a resolution of support for President Harley Coon. This Resolution was issued and forwarded to Howard Camp to be placed in the Association files for future reference.

Since that time events have occurred that suggest that this chapter take further action. Last night, April 4, 2002, our officers and board of directors met ant, after some discussion voted unanimously to withdraw our resolution.

I am authorized by the board of directors to direct that our resolution of support for President Harley Coon be rescinded and declared null and void". Please take the necessary action to see that this reaches the proper people." - (signed) Howard H. Nathan

"Although our second proclamation was brought up at an executive board meeting, it was thrown out without being accepted," Nathan said.

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