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CENLA (LA) Resolution

On November 28, 2003, KWVA President Harley Coon sent a registered letter to Korean War Educator Founder Lynnita Brown.  It stated, "This letter is to notify you of your removal from the rolls of the Korean War Veterans Association as an Associate Member effective January one 2004.... This decision is rendered as an Executive Order by the President of the Korean War Veterans Association."  [See KWVA News - Member Removals - Lynnita Brown.]  Coon's Executive Order was followed by a ruling from Judge Advocate Sherman Pratt that in effect backed Coon's decision when Pratt stated that the KWVA President has "implied powers."  [See KWVA News - Member Removals - Lynnita Brown.] 

The CENLA Chapter of the Korean War Veterans Association in Leesville, Louisiana, passed the following Resolution on December 07, 2003: 


WHEREAS reference to ART II, SEC 2B and ART III,
Sec 5 and Sec 7. ART II.2.B and III.5.A clearly
specify the powers enumerated to the Executive
Committee after due process, that is charges
preferred, written notice, and hearing before the
Executive Council; and,

WHEREAS these references are the only provisions
for termination/expulsion in the bylaws is spite
of which Judge Advocate Pratt erroneously quibbled
that there was a loophole for the action by Coon
v. Brown because the latter is an associate rather
than regular member. This argument is specious
since II.2.b provisions extends to members without
distinction; and,

WHEREAS the action against Associate Member Brown
violates the bylaws specified and is not binding
upon Associate Member Brown or any other office,
functionary, or element of the KWVA until
provisions of the bylaws are properly adhered to,
be it therefore

CENLA Chapter 180 repudiates the action against
Associate Member Brown by Resolution and refuses
to abide by the ruling until the legal bylaw
provisions are carried out, if such be the case.

CENLA Chapter 180 would advise against application
of the bylaws in the instance of Associate Member
Brown for reasons that may be perceived as
frivolous or spiteful.

CENLA 180 commends Associate Member Lynnita Brown
and urges other chapters and departments to
consider resolutions of support.

Executed by the Executive Committee, CENLA 180,
the 7th day of December, in the year of the LORD
2003, at Leesville, Louisiana. Louis Dechert
(LR27194), Commander; James Myric k(L027183),
Deputy Commander, Stanley Zachary (R027326),
Adjutant, and Bill Doyle (RO27187), Finance

Commander Lou Dechert
WAR 180

MISSION: Take HILL 2004!


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