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Santa Clara Resolution - 2002

At its General Membership meeting held on February 9, 2002, the members of Santa Clara County Chapter #6, San Jose, California, passed by unanimous vote a Resolution entitled, "Proposed KWVA Restructure Resolution." The Resolutions Committee of the national KWVA (Ted Trousdale, chairman; Don Byers, co-chairman) referred it to the KWVA Bylaws Committee.



February 9, 2002


"WHEREAS, The Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. (KWVA) may establish effective communication links between the National Headquarters and all regional state departments, chapters and membership at large; and


"WHEREAS, The Executive Council will provide a more open forum to the general membership via Directorates, enabling interests and grievances be heard at Executive Council meetings, as accorded by the bylaws; and


'WHEREAS, The KWVA may promote a more effective means to increase chapter formations, departments and general membership, especially within those regions having states lacking chapters and small membership; and


'WHEREAS, The KWVA will take the annual National reunion to the veterans in each of the four regions, on a rotation bases, to promote during the twenty-first century the Tell America Programs; now, therefore, be it


"RESOLVED, by Santa Clara County Chapter #6 - San Jose, California of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc., in a general membership meeting on February 9, 2002, That the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. shall sponsor and support the establishment of four Regional Directorates,


Resolved That regional designations east of the Mississippi River shall be: East Region I with fourteen states and District of Columbia representing 1,267,000 resident Korean War veterans and the Mid East Region II with twelve states representing 1,433,000 resident Korean War veterans,


Resolved That regional designations west of the Mississippi River shall Be: Mid West Region III with eleven states and two territories representing 785,000 resident Korean War veterans (excluding the two territories) and West Region IV with eleven states plus Alaska, Hawaii and one territory representing 967,000 resident Korean War veterans (excluding the one territory),


Resolved That a resident Director, elected by the chapters within the region for a two-year term in accordance with the National KWVA bylaws (with a two-term consecutive limit), will represent the region at the Executive Council, and the resident Directors shall not hold any KWVA elective office at the State or chapter levels during their term of office." 


NOTE: Resident Korean War veterans are by VA estimates.  The National KWVA bylaws may require amending due to the above restructuring of organization.  Refer to the enclosures titled: Korean War Veterans Association Regions and Four Regions State Map.


Korean War Veterans Association Regions:


Maine Wisconsin North Dakota Alaska
New Hampshire Michigan South Dakota Washington
Vermont Illinois Minnesota Oregon
New York Indiana Iowa Idaho
Pennsylvania Ohio Nebraska Montana
Massachusetts West Virginia Kansas Wyoming
Rhode Island Kentucky Missouri Colorado
Connecticut Tennessee Arkansas Utah
New Jersey Mississippi Oklahoma Nevada
Delaware Alabama Texas California
Maryland Georgia Louisiana Arizona
Virginia Florida Puerto Rico New Mexico
North Carolina   Virgin Islands Hawaii
South Carolina     Guam
Distr. of Columbia      


26 states east of Mississippi: 14 states in East Region plus District of Columbia and 12 states in Mid East Region (2,700,000 resident veterans); 24 states west of Mississippi: 13 states in West Region plus one territory and 11 states in Mid West Region plus two territories (1,752,000 resident veterans).


A region is a geographical grouping of states bordering one another, north and south, and territories, as identified above, for the purpose of an effective communication link with the National, sponsor National reunions within the region, promote "Tell America" programs, membership expansion and chapter information. 


A resident officer will officiate, as a Director, elected by the regional membership for two years in accordance with the National bylaws, will represent each region reporting to the executive Council.  There will be a two term consecutive limit the Director may serve.


Map - KWVA Four Regions

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