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Executive Council Minutes

The Bylaws of the Korean War Veterans Association require the board to follow Roberts Rules of Order. With respect to minutes, Roberts Rules of Order states the following:

"In keeping the minutes, much depends upon the kind of meeting, and whether the minutes are to be published. In the meetings of ordinary societies and of boards of managers and trustees, there is no object in reporting the debates; the duty of the secretary, in such cases, is mainly to record what is "done" by the assembly, and not what is said by the members. He should enter the essentials of a record, as previously stated, and when a count has been ordered or where the vote is by ballot, he should enter the number of votes on each side; and when the voting is by yeas and nays he should enter a list of the names of those voting on each side. The proceedings of the committee of the whole or while acting as if in committee of the whole, should not be entered in the minutes, but the report of the committee should be entered. When a question is considered informally, the proceedings should be kept as usual, as the only informality is in the debate. If a report containing resolutions has been agreed to, the resolutions should be entered in full as finally adopted by the assembly, thus: "The committee on ..... submitted a report with a series of resolutions which, after discussion and amendment, were adopted as follows:" then should be entered the resolutions as adopted. Where the proceedings are published, the method shown further on should be followed. If the report is of great importance the assembly should order it "to be entered on the minutes," in which case the secretary copies it in full upon the record."

" Minutes to be Published. When the minutes are to be published. in addition to the strict record of what is done, as heretofore described. they should contain a list of the speakers on each side of every question, with an abstract of all addresses, if not the addresses in full, when written copies are furnished. In this case the secretary should have an assistant. With some annual conventions it is desired to publish the proceedings in full. In such cases it is necessary to employ a stenographer as assistant to the secretary. Reports of committees should be printed exactly as submitted, the minutes showing what action was taken by the assembly in regard to them; or, they may be printed with all additions in italics and parts struck out enclosed in brackets in which case a note to that effect should precede the report or resolutions. In this way the reader can see exactly what the committee reported and also exactly what the assembly adopted or endorsed."

It is the hope of the Korean War Educator that our Foundation will be able to publish the corrected, but unabridged version of the KWVA Executive Council minutes on the KWVA page of this website. However, as of this date, September 23, 2003, the board president has denied both the Korean War Educator and members of the KWVA the right to access the unabridged version.

Until such time as the unabridged version of the minutes of the Executive Council meetings are no longer denied to the KWVA membership, the Korean War Educator, and the general public, the edited and abridged Executive Council minutes can be accessed in the following issues and pages of the Graybeards magazine. Unfortunately, these published, but abridged minutes neither allow the members of the KWVA to know which board members voted on what issue, nor do they tell the membership how their elected officials voted on a particular issue. The following index of minutes was compiled and provided to the Korean War Educator courtesy of John Kronenberger of Illinois.

Jan/Feb 1996 p. 9, 10
Mar/Apr 1996 p. 9,10, 54, 55
May/Jun 1997 p. 8, 16, 17, 18
Jul/Aug 1997 p. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
Sep/Dec 1997 p. 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34
Jan/Feb 1998 p. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33
May/Jun 1998 p. 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36

Note: Harley Coon took over as board president in July of 1998 - article on p. 4, 32.

Nov/ Dec 1998 p. 30
Jan/Feb 1999 p. 24, 25, 26
Jul/Aug 1999 p. 11
Nov/Dec 1999 p. 6
Jan/Feb 2000 p. 26
Sep/Oct 2000 p. 28
May/Jun 2001 p. 18, 19
Jul/Aug 2001 p. 6, 7
Sep/Oct 2001 p. 7
Mar/Apr 2002 p. 19
Sep/Oct 2002 p. 7
Nov/Dec 2002 p. 6, 7

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