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October 24, 2000 - Letter from Stan Myrda to KWVA Board of Directors:
[KWE Note: CPA Myrda threatens court action against KWVA for non-payment.]

Board of Directors
Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.

Re: Outstanding Receivable

Officers and Members of the Board:

As of this date, I have not been contacted by the KWVA concerning payment of my last bill, enclosed. Thus, this letter is to inform the officers and directors of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc (KWVA) that the organization owes my firm an outstanding invoice including past due interest charges in the amount of nineteen thousand and four dollars ($19,004.00) which includes principal and accumulated past due interest charges for services rendered including but not limited to the work performed in connection with the defalcation and misappropriation of KWVA funds by the late John Maison, including but not limited to record search, documentation of each item of defalcation, preparation and filing of claim in behalf of KWVA to recover such misappropriation. This does not include charges for time spent assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent John Kelly in his investigation and fact gathering.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation filed charges against the late John Maison in the amount of $240,000. The first claim prepared by my office and filed with the insurance company was in the amount of $261,978, which included my fee of $24,500 for reimbursement to the KWVA. The insurance company paid approximately $132,000, excluding the above fees, requesting more justification. The current President has made no effort, to my knowledge, to collect the additional amount due including the total fees for claim services rendered. The President contended that the follow up on the original claim was filed late. According to my legal advisor, retired Supreme court Chief Justice Joseph Cunningham, this has no basis as the statute in Illinois states a party has 10 years to recover. It is interesting that the FBI just performed their investigation and filed their charges against John Maison and attained an indictment within the last 60 days.

This should be prima facie evidence of the amount stolen from the KWVA by Mr. John Maison. Whatever the organization does regarding the outstanding unclaimed or unpaid claim is not my responsibility at this point in time. It is the Board of Directors responsibility to the members to recover their funds.

Therefore, if the Board of Directors does not authorize and direct the Treasurer to immediately pay my invoice in full at its October 28th and 29th meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, I will file a claim in the local state court to recover all funds due my firm including prejudgement [sic] penalties, interests and court costs. The decision is up to the Board of Directors.

Now that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has completed their investigation and the matter has been dismissed the organization can pick up their records.

(signed) Stanley A. Myrda CPA

cc: Ed McGill

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