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March 14, 2001 - Letter to Richard Alexander, KWVA, from W. Charles Grace, United States Attorney, and Ranley R. Killian, Assistant United States Attorney:
[KWE Note: US Attorney reply to Ritchie Alexander as to who is target of FBI investigation re Maison incident.]

Mr. Richard Alexander
Korean War Veterans Association, Inc
14 Wisteria Dr., 1A
Fords, New Jersey

W. Charles Grace, United States Attorney
X. Ranley R. Killian, Assistant United States Attorney

Re: John Maison

Dear Mr. Alexander:

I am in receipt of your letter dated March 5, 2001, as well as letters from William T. Hancock and Nicholas J. Pappas. All of the letters seek information regarding the FBI investigation into the embezzlement from the Korean War Veterans Association.

Under various Department of Justice guidelines and professional obligations, I am prevented from discussing all aspects of the investigation. However, I do believe that I can cover some of your areas of concern.

As you know John Maison was indicted by a Grand Jury in the Southern District of Illinois. That indictment alleged that Mr. Maison was the person responsible for the embezzlement. Although it is clear that there were significant systemic weaknesses in the way that the funds of the Association were handled, the Grand Jury investigation concluded that only Mr. Maison was criminally responsible.

Because of Mr. Maison’s unfortunate and untimely death, these allegations were never proven in court. Upon Mr. Maison’s death, this office reviewed the evidence and determined that no other criminal charges were appropriate and has since closed our file.

Over the course of the investigation, I have received numerous questions concerning whether other individuals participated in the theft or profited from them. The only response I can make to those questions is that John Maison was the only target of the investigation, and upon his death, the Grand Jury, this office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all considered the matter closed.

I have enclosed a copy of the indictment that was returned against Mr. Maison for your review. Additional information from the United States regarding this matter must be obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. I cannot advise you regarding such a request, but you may obtain information on filing such a request at under the section labeled FOIA.

Cc: William T. Hancock & Nicholas J. Pappas

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