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November 12, 1996

Letter from Stan Myrda CPA to John P. Maison:
[KWE Note: Request from CPA for Maison to turn over receipts and documents]

Mr. John P. Maison
Korean War Veterans Association, Inc
2000 North Illinois Avenue
Swansea, IL 62221

Stan Myrda CPA

Re: KWVA 96 Reunion

Dear John;

The following documentation is needed to complete the audit of the 96 Reunion:

1. A list of all members, spouses, guest, and non-paying officers, directors, and dignitaries who registered for the conventions.
2. A copy of all registration slips including those paid by cash, check, and credit card.
3. A copy of all CREDIT CARD vendor slips for payment of registrations or other purchases, or payments.
4. Copy of all "Receipts" for all expenses paid by you in cash directly or for invoices or charges presented to you for payment, whereby you paid in cash and/or check.
5. Copy of any other documents relating to agreements with the Hotel, Motel, parking garage, tour program, and other commitments and payment agreements not mention herein.
6. A copy of the list of all members, spouses, and others who participated in these tours and the amount each individual, couple or non-paying guest paid or was not required to pay, including the reason for nonpaying.
7. List of receipts, cash or check, and the names of all members participating in each tour or excursion held during the reunion.

A copy of this request is also being mailed to Mr. Donald Gutmann, Reunion Treasurer in the event that he may have any of these or other documents relating to the reunion. Please forward a copy or originals to my address listed at the top of the letterhead. PLEASE FORWARD THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

(signed) Stan Myrda CPA
cc: Mr. Nicholas J. Pappas, President


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