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February 8, 1997

Nick Pappas to John Maison:
[Note from the Korean War Educator: This letter was sent to Mr. Maison by certified mail with return receipt, requesting answers to questions about expenditures.]

Mr. John Maison
KWVA Treasurer
2000 North Illinois
Swansea, Illinois 62221

RE: FY 1996 Financial Reports

Encl (1): My letter of February 8, 1997 to Magna Bank
Ref (a): Myrda letter of 12 November 1996
Ref (b): Myrda letter of 17 December 1996
Ref ©: Preliminary CPA 96 Reunion Report of 31 December 1996

Dear John,

On 7 February 1997, I received two (2) "preliminary" drafts from the CPA, titled KWVA 96 Reunion Compilation Report and KWVA Special Procedures Report for FY 1996. What I have read about our financial structure in the draft reports disturbs me greatly. It seems that you have not provided the fiscal information requested by references [a], [b], and [c], as instructed by me.

I am very distressed that you chose to go on vacation during this period, thus leaving Mr. Myrda and I hanging with this ""nanswered""situation, that you were aware of. The "findings" in he [sic] two (2) draft reports are well documented and of a very serious nature. I strongly recommend that you meet with Mr. Myrda ASAP to try to "reconcile" the "findings" contained therein and be prepared to explain all of this at the 97 Mid-Winter Council Meeting. I sincerely hope you can provide a reasonable and logical explanation of the "actions/inactions" addressed in the references and draft reports.

Also, Mr. Myrda was directed to send copies of the draft reports to Judge Advocate Magill for his advice and recommendations.

Therefore, based upon the draft reports findings and upon advice of the KWVA Judge Advocate, I am taking the following immediate actions pending a satisfactory resolution of the subject matter:

  1. Institute enclosure (1)
  2. Herewith suspend you as KWVA Treasurer/Quartermaster;
  3. Request you forward all KWVA bills to CPA Myrda for payment, all other mail to me;
  4. Return all KWVA credit cards to me;
  5. Close down Quartermaster operations.

Once again, the nature of this situation is very serious and will require an in-depth investigation and explanations. I expect you to cooperate with us in the course of resolving this issue. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Very respectfully,
(signed) Nick Pappas
President, KWVA
cc: Myrda & Magill


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