The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



February 8, 1997

Letter from Nick Pappas to Postmaster, Fairview Heights, IL:
[KWE Note: First steps to remove control of KWVA financial matters from John Maison.]

Fairview Heights Post Office
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208

Nick Pappas
President, KWVA

cc: Myrda & Magill

Dear Sir:

By this letter, I am authorizing Mr. Stan Myrda CPA, 10326 Lincoln Trail, Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208, to establish a post office box in the name of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.

Furthermore, any mail addressed to the KWVA or John Maison, 2000 N. Illinois St., Swansea, Illinois 62221 is to be forwarded to the KWVA post office Box.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 1-800-888-0819.


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