The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



February 8, 1997

Letter to Magna Bank from Nick Pappas:
[Note from Korean War Educator: The account numbers mentioned in the letter below has been left off by the KWE to ensure KWVA privacy.] Tighter controls of bank accounts sent to banks in question.]

Magna Bank
10950 Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208

Nick Pappas
President, KWVA

Checking Account # _________
All Certificates of Deposit

Card # _____
Card # _____
Card holder name: John Maison or John P. Maison

The KOREAN WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION, INC (FEIN 14-1671031) herein referred to as "KWVA", hereby request "effective immediately" that;

  1. All CHECKING ACCOUNTS require that two (2) signatures must be on all checks of the KWVA before such check will be honored by Magna Bank for payment.
  2. All transactions involving CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSITS require the approval of two signatures. This includes matured certificates, transfers from one matured certificate to another, transferring a matured certificate to a checking account, cash or another accounts, and any premature cashing of a certificate or transfer of such funds.
  3. All requests for transfers to other accounts and funds require two signatures. The signatures must be as follows until further notice from the National President of KWVA: Nicholas J. Pappas and Stanley A. Myrda.
  4. All credit cards are cancelled until further notice from the National President of KWVA.
  5. Request copies of credit card statements for the period between January 1, 1996 and February 15, 1997.

Until further notice all bank statements including all cancelled checks and other related notices, certificates of deposit notice, credit card statements (MasterCard & Visa) are to be mailed to Stanley A. Myrda at the following address:

Stan Myrda, CPA
10326 Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208

If there are any questions, please contact me at 1-800-888-0819 or fax 302-227-3749.


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