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February 11, 1997

Fax received by Nick Pappas from John Maison:
[KWE Note: Maison notifys President Pappas that he plans to resign as treasurer.]

Dear Nick,

Sorry that I have not gotten back to you til now, but I need to set the records straight as of now. I was not on vacation but had to see my family doctor who is in New York. Unfortunately, I found out that I have cancer and have a fifty-fifty chance with treatment. Of course, this was a shock to me, but I naturally cannot continue as QM and treasurer.

I received the information from Stan Myrda, and I definitely do not agree with his findings. I have never, never had KWVA pay any personal bills of mine and resent his implications. The reason that I used charge cards was because the KWVA was very short on funds and I was able to keep us afloat by doing so. At the most, I am guilty of not keeping too good of records, but most assure [sic], everything that was paid was a KWVA expense.

Nevertheless, I will resign as QM and Treasurer and will turn over the books and merchandise to whomever you select as soon as you appoint new QM and Treasurer. I am packing all of the merchandise with an inventory sheet enclosed so that whoever takes over will be able to reconcile the inventory.

I will be starting to take treaments [sic] on Wednesday coming so will be in and out for the next few days. Tom called me but I was unable to return his call. As I understand, you and him have the new budget so it is not necessary for my comments regarding the same.

I will not be able to make the trip to New Mexico. - John


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