The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



February 15-17, 1997

Minutes of the Executive Council [excerpts], Mid-Winter Meeting, February 15, 1997, Albuquerque, New Mexico, published in The Graybeards, May-June 1997, page 8 & 16:
[KWE Note: Motion to require two signatures out of three on all disbursement checks; limited power of attorney given to Stan Myrda; discussion re Quartermaster.]

"… President Pappas presented a run down and general discussion of problems regarding Treasurer Maison. The confidential report prepared by Stan Myrda, CPA, given to the Council members Friday night, was reviewed in detail.

The report by Mr. Myrda has determined that there were a number of questions concerning the KWVA’s financial records that need to be answered. The Treasurer had been asked to respond to these questions - but these questions remain unanswered. Due to the nature of the questions, the Treasurer was suspended, effective 8 February 1997, bank accounts closed, Quartermaster Office/PO Box locked up, and all accounts are being monitored, pending resolution of discrepancies. President Pappas noted Treasurer John Maison has submitted his resignation. Mr. Stan Myrda, CPA, went over his Preliminary Special Procedures Report at this time (not an audit). General discussion followed.

Motion: (Coon, Lynch) Move Stan Myrda CPA is to continue on with the investigation and the Board prepare a letter (signed by all members) to be sent to John Maison to provide all back-up documentation within a certain time limit (30 days). Vote - Roll Call Yes 6 No 7 excused 1. Failed.

Motion: Amend previous motion to 15 days. Died lack of 2nd.

Motion: (Danielson, Coon) Move that we continue investigation as initiated in November, 1996, by President Pappas, and go forward. Yes 10 No 3 Passed.

Motion: (Van Ort, Coon) Motion that we give authority to President and Mr. Myrda to temporarily sign checks and take care of KWVA normal business. After discussion, makers withdrew motion.

Motion: (Coon) - Move that we give authority to President and Mr. Myrda and both have to sign all checks. Died, no 2nd.

Motion: (Coon, Danielson). Require that the KWVA bank accounts require any two signatures on checks from the following three persons President, Vice President, or Treasurer. Vote: Yes 13. No 1. Passed.

Motion: (Schilling, Benjamin) Move that Mr. Jim Martin be appointed as acting Treasurer. Passed.

Motion: (Magill, Coon) Move to have an Amended Corporate Deposit Account Resolution given to Magna Bank to reflect the prior motion for two signatures out of the three named persons. Passed.

Motion: (Schilling, Van Ort) Move to give a limited power of attorney to Stan Mryda to give him authority to continue dealing with Magna Bank, credit card organizations, vendors, bonding company, etc. and other associated issues as he has been doing. Passed (Unanimous)

Motion: (Schilling, Danielson) Move that authority for three new appointed signatories be given to sign new signature cards for Magna Bank headquartered in St. Louis. Passed.

Motion: (Schilling, Grygier) Move for three new signatories to be given authority to executive new signature cards for First Union in Washington DC. Passed

Pappas - noted that Stan Myrda will be providing KWVA board with certain recommendations for accounting procedures to be put into place - once received, it will be copied and passed out to the Board.

Myrda - This is tax season and we cannot devote full efforts to pursue the issues immediately. Council understood his point.

General discussion regarding Quartermaster: Suggestion KWVA get out of Quartermaster business altogether and to contract. KWVA would receive 20% of gross profits on sales to its members. Contractor to take existing inventory on consignment. Discussion about extent of present inventory - amount KWVA would receive back? Cost plus 20% of gross profit back? How would KWVA control? Periodic reports. Use similar contract as with Chosin Few. President to recommend final action to Council after inventory is priced out by CPA.


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