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February 21, 1997

Insurance Company letter to CPA Myrda, published in the March/April 2000 Graybeards on page 14:
[KWE Note: Insurance company notice to Myrda that a claims investigation will begin.]

"Dear Mr. Myrda:

This acknowledges on behalf of Federal Insurance Company receipt of written notice regarding the above captioned matter. As we discussed, I will be handling this claim on behalf of Federal.

You should be aware that the general terms and conditions of the Policy require an Insured to submit a Proof of Loss within four months of discovery of a loss. Based on the information you have given to us, the Proof of Loss needs to be in to me by April 30, 1997. If for some reason you cannot meet that deadline, please call me to discuss a suitable alternative date.

Federal does not use a ‘form’ Proof of Loss but, rather, requests that the Insured provide a written narrative of the loss outlining the specific details of the loss, supported with copies of any documents used to establish the amount of the loss and the fact that the loss resulted from a theft by an employee(s).

You may want to forward to our office, as soon as possible, any information compiled to date so that we may begin our investigation of this claim. In order to assure proper attention to this matter, all future correspondence including the Proof of Loss should include the name of the Insured and the Policy Number cited above, and should be addressed to my attention.

In the interim, please also be advised that neither this letter nor any subsequent investigation or inquiry made by Federal should be deemed to be an admission of liability or a waiver of any of the Policy terms or conditions and that Federal expressly reserves all rights as provided under the Policy and at law.

If you have any questions at this time or if you would like to discuss this letter in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact me at (412) 456-8019."

Greg A. Ray, Esq
Bond Claim Attorney


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