The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



February 25, 1997

Memo to J.C. Penney, Office Max, Sam’s club, and Watson’s Office Supply from Nick Pappas:
[KWE Note: KWVA authorizes Myrda to access KWVA’s credit card information.]

J.C. Penney, Office Max, Sam’s Club, Watson’s Office Supply

Re: KWVA Credit Cards, Card Holder Name: John Maison or John P. Maison

The Korean War Veteran’s Association (FEIN 14-1671031), herein referred to as KWVA, herewith authorizes Mr. Stanley Myrda, CPA, access to all or any of the subject records and related transactions that may be held by your firms.

Any information you have will greatly assist Mr. Myrda in performing an audit for the KWVA. If you have any problems, please contact me by phone 1-800-888-0819.

Furthermore all subject accounts be canceled until further notice.


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