The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



March 17, 1997

Letter from John Maison to Stan Myrda CPA:

Stan Myrda
10326 Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

John P. Maison


I have reported to the Swansea Police department the theft of my personal property from the premises at 2000 N. Illinois Street in Swansea, IL.

Since no inventory count was taken, I am not responsible for the KWVA inventory as the inventory was taken from the premises without my permission and knowledge.

In addition, personal equipment and items were also taken without my permission and I demand the return of all of these items immediately.

You had no legal authority to enter the premises and remove anything without my permission and count of the inventory. As things stand now, you are guilty of grand theft and I intend to sue you for all items missing as of this date.

If I do not receive all of the personal inventory within 24 hours, I will instruct my attorney to sue you and swear out a warrant for your arrest on charges of grand theft.

Thee will not be any further notice regarding the above.


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