The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents
December 11, 1997

Letter from Nicholas Pappas to Chubb Group Instance
[KWE Note: Pappas requests information on status of insurance claim.]

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
120 Fifth Avenue
Fifth Avenue Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4008

Mr. Greg a. Ray, Esq.

In re:
Insured, Korean War Veterans Association, Inc., Not for Profit Corp.
Policy No. 8145-38-48
Claim: Dishonesty, Employee Theft
Company: Federal Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Ray:

Approximately October 29, 1997, a claim was filed with your office and on December 4, 1997, additional supplemental information was mailed to your office. To date we have had no reply from your office or your company.

The membership has been writing letters to various elected officials and offices across the country and to various law enforcement agencies because they are not convinced that any action is being taken regarding the loss of funds. Rumors have caused splinter groups to surface. Our concern is if there is a long delay in a decision on a part of Federal Insurance Company the organization will suffer the loss of itís [sic] original status as a veterans organization.

We realize that our accountant, Stan Myrda, C.P.A., has not concluded the investigation, but some of the records may never be found and some transactions will not be resolved. This is particularly true in the area of credit card transactions. The Credit Card Companies do not guarantee that they can provide us copies of all of the transactions that have occurred during the calendar year 1994, 1995 and the majority of 1996. The only response is that they are making an effort.

The Korean War Veterans Association, Inc., is entitled to a response from the claim that has been filed. If further investigation by the Insurance Company is necessary, it would appear that this would have been initiated as soon as possible after the preliminary documentation was filed. We will assist in any way to expedite this claim. It is important to the existence of this organization that this matter be resolved as soon as possible. Would you respond to our request? Thank you.

(signed) Nick Pappas

cc: Edward Magill, Esq., Stan Myrda, CPA, Executive Council


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