The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents
May 1, 1998

KWVA letter to Executive Council with attached insurance letter of April 30, 1997
[KWE Note: KWVA Board discusses partial settlement offer.]

KWVA Office of the President
Nicholas J. Pappas
To: Executive Council

The enclosed letter is forwarded for your information. As you will note, Chubb is playing "hardball." The proposed $132,000 is only a "partial" payment of our current claim, not withstanding the additional claims that CPA Myrda still has to file with the insurance company.

No action will be taken on this letter until reviewed by Judge Advocate Magill, CPA Myrda, and our Illinois Legal Advisor for legal and financial ramifications. You will be advised of their recommendations, as to what actions the KWVA will take.

Very respectfully,
Nicholas J. Pappas,
President KWVA

Ed & Harley:

Also attached is a 4/21/98 letter from CPA Anderson and a letter (4/30/98) from our insurance broker. They have been only sent to you, because of the leak on the Council. Judge Cunningham, Mryda and Tom Maines also have copies. I also asked Myrda to deliver the Anderson and Chubb letters to the FBI agent investigating our case. This will keep them apprised of what the insurance company is thinking, if they donít know. By the way, the $50,000 CPA fees are not covered by the insurance policy.


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