The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents
June 3, 1998

Insurance Co. letter to KWVA
Published in the March/April 2000 Graybeards, page 14
[KWE Note: Cover letter from insurance company for $131,879.19 check from insurance claim.]

To: Nick Pappas

Insured: Korean War Veterans Association
Policy No.: 8145-38-48
Claim: Employee Theft (John Maison)
Company: Federal Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Pappas:

I am in receipt of your correspondence of May 20, 1998 including the Amended Partial Release & Assignment. Accordingly, please find enclosed a check in the amount of $131,879.19. Most importantly, please note that all information necessary to substantiate the outstanding remaining claim must be submitted within 90 days of the date of this correspondence or September 3, 1998.

Further, as Mr. Myrda is working in concert with the FBI, I would appreciate an immediate update as to the status of the FBI investigation, including the total amount of theft the federal government has confirmed and the date the indictment will be filed against Mr. Maison.

Greg A. Ray, Esq.
Bond Claim Attorney


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