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June 17, 1998

Letter in Response to June 3, 1998 Insurance Co. letter to KWVA
[KWE Note: Harley Coon assumed the presidency of the KWVA on 7/27/98, relieving Nick Pappas of his duties as KWVA president. The responsibility to follow-up on the KWVA’s second partial claim to the insurance company thus fell on Coon’s administration, according to Nick Pappas.]

Korean War Veterans Association, Inc
Office of the President
Nicholas J. Pappas


Mr. Greg A. Ray, Esquire
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies
Fifth Avenue Place
120 Fifth Avenue - 21st Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3008]

RE: KWVA Employee Theft Claim (Policy #8145-38-48)
Ref (a) Chubb Letter of 6/3/98 w/enclosed check
Ref (b) KWVA Letter of 5/20/98 w/Amended Partial Release & Assignment (5/19/98)

Dear Mr. Ray

KWVA, Inc. accepts receipt of the Federal Insurance Company check (#001-04416198 dated 6/2/98), forward by reference (a) as a "partial" settlement of the subject claim as per the conditions/reasons delineated in reference (b). The KWVA does not concur with your "arbitary" 90 day limit set by reference (a) to close your files. As you know, our CPA, Stan Myrda, is a sole practitioner who cannot devote full time to our affairs. He has worked diligently on the subject claim and continues to do so. We are unable to afford the luxury of full-time CPAs. Our request for 180 days as set forth in reference (b) for Mr. Myrda to complete the subject matter is entirely reasonable, considering the circumstances.

As to your questions concerning the FBI, you misread reference (b). CPA Myrda has only provided copies of all letters to the FBI pertaining to the subject matter, and has no knowledge of any aspects of their investigation.

Thank you for the "partial payment." Hopefully, all other issues concerning the subject claim will be resolved as quickly as practicable.

Very respectfully,
Nicholas J. Pappas
President, KWVA

cc: Executive Council, Myrda, Huntleigh/McGhee, FBI, Maines, Anderson


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