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September 20, 1999

Letter from Harley Coon to CPA Stan Myrda:
[KWE Note: KWVA President tells Myrda that new CPA has been retained.]

Mr. Stan Myrda
Certified Public Accountant
10326 Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, IL 62208-1830

RE: Investigation and Certified Public Accountant

Dear Mr. Myrda:

At the KWVA Board of Directors meeting on 12 September 1999, in Mobile, Alabama, the Board approved the retaining of CPA Andrews H. Scholes of Dayton, Ohio to be the accountant for KWVA. As President, I feel it would be better to have a local accountant this will reduce the expense for the KWVA, the accountant can have easy access to the books and records. We would like for you to ship to KWVA Headquarters all canceled checks, invoices and any information for the year 19998, including the reunion. Since your last invoice indicated additional charges, we would appreciate you sending a final invoice so we may settle our account.

The board suggest [sic] that you finish the investigation of the missing funds. The board would like to have the following:

A. An estimate of the time and cost to the conclusion of this investigation.
B. How many dollars do you estimate that we can recover?
C. When are we going to file another claim with the insurance company for the balance?
D. A contract or a written document between the board and yourself.

All correspondence and questions should be directed between you, myself, and Mr. Gregory. We will disperse all information to the board.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

(signed) Harley J. Coon, President
Korean War Veterans Association, Inc.

Copies: Board of Directors




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