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February 4, 2000

Letter from Harley Coon to CPA Stanley Myrda:
[KWE Note: KWVA President Coon discontinues Myrda’s service with KWVA]

CPA Stanley Myrda
10326 Lincoln Trail
Fairview Heights, IL 62208

Dear Mr. Myrda:

Reference your letter of January 24th and mine of September 20th. It appears you do not understand the purpose or content of my letter.

My letter was to inform you that when the Board in September at Mobile retained the services of CPA Andrew Scholes to replace you as our accountant or financial advisor, all authority for you thereafter to perform further services to the KWVA or to incur additional costs, was terminated.

Accordingly, I again request you to promptly forward all checks, invoices, or other KWVA documents or materials in your possession so that we can pay you what is properly owed and officially end your relationships with us. If you comply in time I plan to present the matter to the Executive Board for its approval at our next Meeting on March 25 at the Sheridan National Hotel in Arlington, VA so that final and full payment to you can be made.

You wrote that you henceforth intended to "deal" only with Mr. Pappas. That is your option, of ocurse, but you should understant that as Past President, and now only an individual member of KWVA, Mr. Pappas is not authoirzed [sic] to obligate the KWVA financially or operationally. Therefore, if there is any costs involved in your dealing with him, then you must look only to him for compensation.

(signed) Harley J. Coon, President

Copy: Mr. Pappas
Board members


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