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February 14, 2000

Letter from Nick Pappas to Harley Coon:
[KWE Note: Former KWVA President Pappas questions current KWVA president on termination of services of Myrda.]

Harley Coon
KWVA National President
4120 Industrial Lane
Beavercreek, OH 45430

Subj: Termination of Stan Myrda, C.P.A.
Encl (1): Your letter of 4 February 2000
Ref (a): Your letter of 20 September 1999 to Myrda
Ref (b): Myrda letter of 24 January 2000 to Coon

By unanimous Council vote, on July 27, 1998, as "President," you signed "IRS Forms 2849" assigning 1st V.P. Magill, C.P.A. Myrda and myself "Powers of Attorney and Declarations of Representative," which authorizes us to act as "agents" for the KWVA concerning the tax fraud and criminal investigations involving John Maison, hence this letter.

I am in receipt of Enclosure (1) stating that the "Council" at its Mobile meeting "terminated" Mr. Myrda’s services because C.P.A. Scholes was replacing him as the KWVA accountant. I have no problem with the "new" hire, but with the termination. I am afraid you have "again misconstrued" a Council decision to suit your own conjectural purposes.

I doubt that the Council intended to "fire" Mr. Myrda as you purport. According to the above Council meeting minutes, "a motion was made by Director Schilling and seconded by Director Van Ort to accept Andrew Scholes as C.P.A. Motion carried." By reference (a) you quote "the board suggests that you finish the investigation of the missing funds. The board would have to have the following:
   A. An estimate of time, cost to the conclusion of this investigation
   B. How many dollars do you estimate that we can recover?
   C. When are we going to file another claim with the insurance company for the         balance?
   D. A contract or written document between the board and yourself."

By reference (b), Mr. Myrda has responded to reference (a), except for the mailing of the 98 financial records. I do not "read" any Council decision that "fired" Mr. Myrda, except Enclosure (1).

As to your demand in Enclosure (1) "to forward all checks, invoices and other KWVA documents, etc." I have instructed Mr. Myrda not to release any financial records for the years 1994-1997, until the FBI/IRS complete their investigations and all insurance negotiations are concluded. The misappropriation of funds happened during "my" tenure as President, therefore I am responsible to the membership to ensure recoupment of as much of their money as possible. I have no intention of turning those records over to someone who has no comprehension or knowledge of what has transpired during the past three years to "screw up" the investigations/claims process by second guesses.

If you want the above financial records released, I suggest you get an Illinois State or Federal court order where the "offense" was committed. I also hope the insurance company does not get a copy of Enclosure (1), because they could "interpret" it that the Council has termined any further action on recovering the remaining missing funds and throw out our latest claim.

If the Council "upholds" your so-called termination of Mr. Myrda, I will send copies of this letter and associated documents to the FBI and IRS, stating, I do not concur with the Council’s decision. I do not intend to be sued, if word leaks out that we "prematurely" closed out our insurance claim and "obligatory" responsibilities, by some disgruntled members. Believe me, word will leak out, just like it did in 1997.

The ball is in the Council’s court, unless you want to assume all of the legal costs and ramifications that occur in this case, until its conclusion.

Very respectfully,
(signed) Nicholas J. Pappas
Past National President, KWVA

cc: National Council
Dick Adams
Jim Martin
Stan Myrda, CPA
Andrew Scholes, CPA
Judge Advocate Pratt
Tom Maines

P.S. If Mr. Myrda had not been "suspicious" about our 1996 financial picture, there would be no KWVA today!



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