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February 25, 2000

Letter from Harley Coon to Mr. Pembroke, IRS:
[KWE Note: This letter refers to Form 2848 "Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative" that was signed by Harley J. Coon, President, on 27 July 98. Form 2848 authorized Stan Myrda, Nicholas J. Pappas, and Edward Magill as representatives for the KWVA. Sometime between the date he signed the document and February 25, 2000, Coon apparently changed his mind about the designated appointees.]

Internal Revenue Service
Attn: Mr. Pembroke
230 S. Dearborn St.
Chicago, IL 60604

Re: Korean War Veterans Association EIN #14167031

Dear Mr. Pembroke

The purpose of this letter is to clarify any misunderstanding that may exist as to the legality or effectiveness of an IRS form 2848 (copy enclosed) signed by me as president of the KWVA on July 27, 1998.

Be advised that our association does not consider this form to be of any validity or legality. It was not properly executed so as to constitute authority for anyone to represent the KWVA in matters before the IRS. The form is not signed by two of parties listed as expressly required in part 11 of the form and although signed by Nicholas J. Pappas that individual was not qualified to so serve by being in any of the categories of persons listed in part 11 of the form. As a director and Past President, he was not an "officer-a- bona fide officer" of our organization as specified and defined in our By-laws.

CPA Andrew H. Scholes 2810 Wayne Ave Dayton, OH 45420-0063 has been retained as our association accountant and if any matters arise which require corponsence [sic] with the IRS we will at time designate him as our representative with power of attorney for conducting business with the IRS. If a more formal designation such as the execution of your form 2848 is required please provide us with copies of that form for proper execution and we will return to your office.

(signed) Harley J. Coon
Korean War Veterans Association

Murda [sic]


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