The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



March 8, 2000

Letter to Tom Gregory from Chubb & Son:
[KWE Note: Letter from insurance company to KWVA stating it will not consider another claim due to lateness.]


Tom Gregory
4400 Sillman
Kettering, OH 45440

? Insured: Korean War Veterans Association
? Policy No.: 8145-38-48
? Claim: Employee Theft (John Maison)
? Company: Federal Insurance Company

Dear Mr. Gregory:

As per our discussions, please find enclosed copies of the requested letters regarding the above-referenced claim. Please note that as per my original letter to Stan Myrda in February of 1997, the proof of loss due in this matter on April 30, 1997, attached. Following several extensions, a partial but substantially incomplete proof of loss was forwarded in November of 1997.

Subsequent to reviewing the proof of loss, I forwarded a letter and a Partial Release & Assignment to Nick Pappas dated June 3, 1998, attached. Therein, I advised Mr. Pappas that any additional information relative to the claim would have to be received on or before September 3, 1998. Finally, after having waited for more than a year for the documentation, I confirmed with KWVA’s insurance broker by letter dated June 10, 1999, attached, that the claim would be closed for inactivity and failure to adhere to required deadlines.

Further, on January 13, 2000, more than 16 months subsequent to the September 3, 1998 deadline expressed in my June 3, 1998 correspondence to Nick Pappas, Federal received a report prepared by Stan Myrda. Therein, Myrda purportedly provides additional documentation supporting an alleged loss amount of $60,848.82. As I have expressed to you by telephone, I am not persuaded that the information forwarded by Myrda could not have been presented on or before September 3, 1998.

Moreover, the alleged and unexcused delay is not acceptable in that the FBI nor the IRS possessed any of the alleged documentation forwarded at least 16 months late. For all reasons stated above, including the failure to timely forward the requested and required documentation, Federal Insurance will not further consider the merits of the claim and must deny the same. Should you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (215) 981-8266.

Chubb & Son
A Division of Federal Insurance Company
By: Greg A. Ray, Esq.
Bond Claim Attorney


cc: Gayle Popkey, Huntleigh/McGehee, Inc., 222 S. Central Ave., St. Louis, MO 63105


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