The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



March 22, 2000

Memo to S. Myrda from J. Cunningham:
[KWE Note: Judge Cunningham’s opinion letter to Myrda.]

S. Myrda

J. Cunningham

I reviewed the minutes. There is no question that you had the authority, although that did not state what they meant by limited power of attorney. Coon assumption that you were terminated when another CPA was appointed. That is not true. Coon has no authority to terminate you, only the Board of Directors.

The letter in September to you was ambiguous. There was no mention of any correspondence from the insurance company. Coon and the treasurer are the only one at that time who knew that the insurance company was closing the file. Coon failure as President and the Treasurer to send you a copy of the correspondence or at least to call you. They are responsible for the closing of the file and should be held to account for their actions. The insurance company is also responsible for not sending or copying you and Nick on their letter to Coon. Coon must have informed the insurance company as soon as he became president that all future correspondence must be directed to him, no one else. You and Nick during the claim were the only ones that dealt with the insurance company.

I am sorry for the spelling mistakes, but this machine does not have spell check.




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