The Paper Trail - Introduction - Pre-Indictment Documents



March 25, 2000

Excerpts from Midwinter Meeting, KWVA Executive Council:
[KWE Note: Executive Council minutes - suspension of Pappas; refusal to pay Myrda.]

Roll call: 1st VP Ed Magill, Present; 2nd VP Ken Cook Excused Illness. The following Directors present - Bob Morga, Jack Edwards, Ed Grygier, Bill Van Ort, C.J. Rittenhouse, Tom Clawson, Richard Danielson, Dorothy Schilling, James Jones, and past president Nick Pappas. Absent - Director Rusty Tramonte, John Settle, James Kerr.

National Treasurer Thomas Gregory stated he had received a invoice from CPA Stan Myrda in the amount of $16,867.00 interim bill. Treasurer Gregory then stated he had conversation with the insurance company. Treasure [sic] Gregory then presented a letter from insurance stating that the case had been closed two years ago. The letter also stated that Mr. Myrda was 16 months late in filing the claim. Treasurer Gregory suggested that the KWVA not pay the invoice.

  1. President coon stated he felt the membership had been cheated in relations to the records. Mr. Pappas strongly objected to the statement and requested that it become part of the minutes. President Coon then stated that some action should be taken. President Coon called a ten minute recess for the board members to read the letters. Meeting reconvened.
  2. Dorothy Schilling then asked for a motion to accept that part of the financial report. Motion made by Director Bill Van Ort. Second by Director Morga. After discussion motion passed.
  3. Director Grygier made a motion "To suspend Past President Nick Pappas from the organization until all records are returned to satisfaction of the executive council." Director Morga second motion. Discussion followed. Mr. Pappas denied receiving al etter from Mr. Ray who represented the insurance company. There was much discussion, but the letter from insurance provided the answers. A roll call vote was asked for by Mr. Pappas. Voting for the motion Grygier, Morga, Schilling, Van Ort, Jones, and Edwards. Voting against the motion Rittenhouse, Clawson, Danielson and Magill. Motion carried.
  4. Motion by director Van Ort. Second by Director Edwards "Not to pay CPA Mryda the invoices of $16,800.00 plus the $217.00 interest." After discussion the motion passed. 8 yea, 1 nay and 1 abstained.
  5. Motion by Director Danielson "to give permission to Treasurer Gregory to negotiate a settlement with CPA Myrda to retrieve records and get a accounting of the expenses to pay Mr. Myrda." Motion passed 8 yea 1 abstained.

[Korean War Educator Note: Excerpts from these same minutes regarding the suspension of Nick Pappas can be found under Controversies - Member Removals.]



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